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press release
Bentley trouser press and ironing board
This unique combination of Bentley trouser
press with integrated ironing board is a
comfortable solution for any guestroom. The
Bentley Dry iron with separate 15 minute
switch is easy and safe to use. The complete
set can be wall mounted or placed behind a
desk or inside a wardrobe by use of the heavy
duty space saving railset.
Bentley ironing cabinet
Black wooden ironing
cabinet with Bentley
Dry iron and auto shut off.
Dimensions wall mounted:
(wxdxh) 45 x 11 x 95cm
Dimensions on-rails:
(wxdxh) 60 x 14 x 95 cm
Dimensions iron organiser:
12 x 19 x 20 cm
Dry iron: 1100 watt (220-240 volt / 50Hz)
The Bentley trouser press is manufactured
with the highest possible care and meets many
international standards as CE.
Guest features
• safe, reliable and easy to use trouser press
• perfect pressing on the right spot because of open bottom
• suitable for larger sizes as the Bentley trouser press is 10% wider
• time saving, ready for the next meeting in 30 minutes
Manager features
• durable and safe in-room facility
• top 3 requested item by business travellers worldwide
• more than 25 years in the market, proven Dutch quality
Housekeeping features
• low-maintenance product
• easy to open and close, dust free
• conveniently placed on wall or in wardrobe
Bentley Europe BV
Wethouder Venteweg 135
2805 JN Gouda
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)182 - 58 14 42
F: +31 (0)182 - 51 44 32
E: [email protected]
The Bentley
for your
daily press
The Bentley trouser press
HAZEL 737-W (wallmounted)
HAZEL 737-F (freestanding)
MAROON 737-RWL Real Wood Line
white, black, cherry, beech and mahogany
• electronic timer
• automatic 30 minute switch off
• red indicator light
• compartment with cover
• cable length 145 cm
• available with heavy duty
space saving railset
The modern business traveller expects a wide range of room facilities
from a hotel. A comfortable bed and a good shower provide the basics,
but a trouser press is a highly welcome addition to any hotel room.
Once at the hotel, a business traveller’s trousers will be wrinkled after
the trip and will require attention. This is easily solved with the automatic
30-minute Bentley trouser press. When the timer goes off, the trousers
will be crisp, neatly creased, and ready for that important meeting.
Dimensions free standing:
(wxdxh) 47 x 40 x 95 cm
Dimensions wall mounted:
(wxdxh) 45 x 12 x 92 cm
Weight: 9 kg
Power: 200 watt (220-240 volt, 50-60Hz)
The Bentley trouser press is
manufactured with the highest
possible care and meets many
international standards as CE.
Because a Bentley is 10% wider than similar trouser presses,
it can also accommodate larger sizes. An open bottom makes
it perfect for on-the-spot pressing – anytime, anywhere, 24/7.
Bentley Europe also designs, develops, manufactures and markets safe sturdy
ironing centres, portable hotel beds, and modern welcome trays and kettles.
Real Wood Line
With Bentley products, your hotel guests can decide themselves when
they want to use these facilities. Bentley products: Always on Duty.

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