Spraytec roll fold 31/8


Spraytec roll fold 31/8
Malvern Spraytec
For real time, high speed measurements of high
concentration liquid droplets in sprays, aerosols
and inhalers.
Particle size measurement using laser
diffraction has been developed and applied by
Malvern Instruments for more than 30 years.
Malvern’s Mastersizer is the industry standard for
a range of laboratory measurements.
Malvern’s Spraytec is built around the same
principle, but adapted for the specific needs for
the characterization of sprays and aerosols.
Malvern’s Spraytec combines the proven
technique of laser diffraction particle
characterization with patented high concentration
data inversion routines for the analysis of sprays
with high or rapidly changing concentrations.
Spray measurement requires an accurate, highspeed measurement device immune to material
characteristics.The Malvern Spraytec provides
scientists with the ability to obtain precise
measurement data from all types of sprays.
Sealed to prevent moisture, dust and gas ingress,
the robust instrument housing allows operators to
easily access the droplet stream in a wide variety
of experimental or production environments.
Aerosol and spray researchers face challenges
every day. Malvern’s Spraytec makes meeting
these challenges easier.
Aerospace Composite Technologies Ltd,
Icing Research Wind Tunnel
High Speed Measurements up to 2500Hz
with Flexible Triggering Options
Spraytec offers real time spray
measurement at speeds of up to
2500Hz, giving a time resolution
of one measurement every 400
microseconds.The measurement
speed is software configurable.
Measurements can consist of single
detector scans or averages of
multiple scans, to provide the most
accurate data possible.The high
temporal resolution offered by
the Spraytec reveals fine temporal
fluctuations in spray patterns
and allows measurement of short
duration sprays such as metered
dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers
and fuel sprays, that are missed by
slower systems.
Multiple measurement triggers
are provided, making it easy to
synchronize measurements
with spray actuation in any
experiment configuration.
Since sprays can be of very
short duration, random, or
intermittent at high repetition
rates, correct triggering of the
measurement of such sprays is
important to ensure that data is
captured consistently. Malvern’s
Spraytec offers four triggering
modes; allowing measurements
to be triggered manually, through
automatic spray detection based
on changes in light transmission,
via low concentration triggering
based on detection of a predefined
light scattering signature, or by
external triggering with a signal
from another device.
A variety of statistical displays
enables quick data analysis and
comprehension, without being
forced to export data into
additional analysis programs.
Spraytec Software – “Frame-by-Frame”
Analysis,Time History Utility, Data Filtering
The software also allows operators
to include or exclude measurement
sequences, allowing analysis to avoid
periods between sprays, outside of
acceptable obscuration or signal
limits, or otherwise undesired.
Malvern’s Spraytec software provides
a user-friendly interface to monitor
and control all data reduction and
display functions.The time history
utility enables a “frame-by-frame”
inspection of a spray sequence, that
shows exactly how the droplet size
distribution evolves throughout the
time frame in question.
Fig 1 shows a time history of a fuel
spray of 0.444 seconds in duration.
During this period, 112 separate
measurements were made.
Fig 1
Fig 2
Fig 2 shows a time history file for
a 15-millisecond puff from a dry
powder inhaler.The control
variables shown are the Dv50, the
Dv10 and the Dv90 as well as
the transmission.
High Concentration Measurement
Capability – Allows the Measurement
of Sprays at Obscurations of up to 95%
The phenomenon known as
“multiple scattering” occurs when
the light scattered by droplets in
the spray encounters further
droplets and is further scattered at
larger angles, before reaching the
detector. Uncorrected, this leads to
a substantial overstatement of the
fine droplets in the distribution.
A patented multiple scattering
algorithm, automatically corrects
for this change in signal and
allows successful measurements
in extremely high concentrations
with light obscuration as high as
95% (5% transmission).
The multiple scattering algorithm
has been validated by measuring
progressively higher concentrations
of a suspension of Aluminum
Oxide.The corrected curve at
95% obscuration (5% transmission)
over-plots the measurement
obtained at 16% obscuration
(84% transmission).
Fit for Purpose – Flexible, Robust,
and Simple in Design
Sprays are wet, messy and can
occupy large volumes. How
does Spraytec deal with these
fundamental problems?
Large clearances between
transmitter and receiver modules
accommodate sprays with large
cone angles and minimize
contamination of the optics.
Sealed transmitter and receiver
modules and air-purgeable optics
further minimize contamination
by spray products.Transmitter and
receiver modules are designed so
that mounting on custom rigs
is achievable with minimal
engineering effort.
A range of laser diameters is available to improve spatial resolution
when characterizing extremely
brief highly concentrated sprays,
for example, fuel injection nozzles.
For applications that require
additional protection against dust,
water or flammable materials a range
of NEMA enclosures is available.
A choice of optical units are
available (see specifications for
options) which allows the user to
select the best balance between
minimum measurable droplet size
and working distance.The software
also includes an imaging correction
facility that allows the correction of
data, where, for any reason, the
droplets being measured are outside
the working distance of the lens.
Malvern’s Spraytec instruments are used in a wide range of industries:
Design and optimisation of spray nozzels – for the pharmaceutical, food,
cosmetic, paint, chemical, fire protection, power generation, agriculture
and lubrication industries
Formulation, development and testing of MDI’s, DPI’s and nasal sprays
Diesel and Fuel injection studies, airbag development
Simulation of extreme climates
Automotive Engineering
Aerospace Engineeing
Optical Unit
Measurement Principle
Light Source
Laser Beam Diameter
Measurement Rate
Concentration Range
Mie Scattering
Laser Diode 670nm
10mm, 6mm and 3mm 1/e
1 to 2500Hz (giving 1 measurement every 400 microseconds)
Sprays with obscurations from 2% to 95%
3% (using RS-3 reference standard reticle)
0.5% (using RS-3 reference standard reticle)
Droplet Size Range
Maximum Working Distance
0.5µm to 200µm
1.0µm to 400µm
2.25µm to 850µm
Air Purge
Optics can be purged with clean air to3 protect
them from contamination during
measurement. Minimum supply of 2ft min must be completely oil and water free
Non-NEMA enclosures, water and dust proof to NEMA 4/12. Hazardous gases
NEMA 7, NEC Class 1 Groups A, B, C and D
Sealing Standards
Lens Focal Length
Software and Data Processing
Minimum Specification of PC
Operating System
Data Analysis
Data Display
Time History Display
Data Export
Pentium II 300MHz processor, 32Mbytes RAM, 3Gbyte hard disc and CD–ROM
Screen resolution VGA 800x600 (SVGA 1024x768 is recommended)
Windows NT™ 4.0 and above
Model-independent analysis gives droplet size distribution
Patented Multiple Scattering Algorithm for operation at high concentrations
(US Patent No. 5,619,324)
Statistical analysis for QA/QC
User configurable SPC charting and report formats
“Frame-by-frame” data display
Direct to Excel or similar spreadsheet in text file format (ASCII)
XYZ aerosol mounting unit
Weights and Dimensions
Module Weights
Transmitter module
Receiver module
Bench Options
Short Bench
Long Bench
Accurate positioning in X, Y and Z axes is accomplished using this mount
300mm spray gap. Height of laser above bench 250mm
500mm spray gap. Height of laser above bench 250mm
Custom Benches are available at extra cost depending on material, finish and size
Setting standards of excellence –
our commitment to you
The people at Malvern Instruments are
innovators, not just in product design, but
in every area of business. Malvern has
invested to achieve ISO9001 with TickIt
accreditation – we accept nothing short of
excellence. As many of our systems are
used in the toughest regulatory markets,
product validation and development
traceability are key commitments to
our customers.
Malvern trained specialists are available in
more than 50 countries to assist with
applications development and to advise on
and analyze ‘difficult’ samples. Our
laboratory facilities in North and South
America, Europe and Asia routinely run
thousands of customer samples every year.
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Our innovative approach to customer
service is illustrated by the development of
after-sales remote diagnostics.
Malvern Instruments’ service specialists can
access and control systems via standard
telephone lines in order to minimize down
time and reduce cost.
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In many industries particle size analysis has
become a key QC parameter. The need to
obtain data as close to the line as possible,
and to react quickly to that data, is
increasingly important. Malvern’s in-process
division applies its expertise to meet this
challenge through the development and
production of on-line particle
characterization systems for
in-process applications.
Malvern Instruments makes
every effort to ensure that this document
is correct. However, due to Malvern
Instruments’ policy of continual product
development we are unable to guarantee the
accuracy of this, or any other document
after the date of publication.We therefore
disclaim all liability for any changes,
errors or omissions after the date of
this publication.
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