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Malvern Collegiate Institute
Malvern Collegiate Institute
55 Malvern Ave, Toronto, ON
M4E 3E4
(416) 393-1480
[email protected]
9 to 12
Victrix, Sapientia, Fortunae
(Knowledge Emerges Victorious Over Luck)
French Immersion
and Extended
French Programs
We offer core French
and Spanish, as well as
an extensive
French program. Gain a
deeper understanding of
your own country and of
other peoples and
cultures. Experience
language, firsthand, via
our exchange
programmes. Engage in
the school life with the
French Council.
SHSM/Dual Credit
Register for the
Environment or
Non-profit Specialist
High Skills Major
program and gain career
related skills and
knowledge. Obtain a
college credit through
the Dual Credit program.
Welcome to Malvern, one of Toronto’s oldest high schools,
serving the Beach community for over 110 years. We offer a wide
range of programs in a non semester format. Malvern also offers
extensive extra-curricular programs in visual arts, drama, music,
equity & social justice, and athletics. We are well known for our
athletic and academic achievements, with numerous
championship teams and prestigious scholarship winners.
Educational tours and exchanges foster community relationships,
both local and abroad. Enroll in Malvern and enjoy a wealth of
opportunities to participate in our dynamic learning community.
Drama, Music, Visual /Media
Arts & Technology
Hone your skills and gain extensive
practical experience in studio &
performance settings. Our drama
students present several student-run
productions each year. Visual arts
students create works in drawing,
painting, print making & sculpture. Media arts students learn
animation, digital music & video techniques. Tech students learn
all aspects of design, manufacturing, drafting techniques,
engineering & architectual design using various materials and
equipment. Our choirs/bands perform at public events & tour in
Canada & the U.S.
More Information about Malvern Collegiate Institute
In addition to compulsory English courses we offer numerous
options, including our Enriched English in Grade 10 and 11, Grade
11 Media Studies and Grade 12 Writer's Craft. Over 90 per cent of
our students successfully complete the Literacy Test on their first
Cdn. & World Studies/Social Sciences & Humanities
Core courses in Geography, History & Civics enhance
understanding of Canada & our world while developing research,
disciplinary thinking & communication skills. Senior courses include:
Travel & Tourism, World Issues, American History, Ancient History,
World History, Economics, Law, Politics, Social Sciences,
Philosophy, Gender Studies, Equity and World Religions.
Mathematics and Science
Math & Science are everywhere! More than just numbers and
knowledge; Math & Science are a way of thinking. Be observant, be
creative, be thoughtful. Math & Science can literally take you to the
moon or help you better understand the world closer to home. At
Malvern, you will learn how Math & Science connect to engineering,
business and even the arts.
Health and Physical Education
Our Healthy Active Living courses encourage a lifelong pursuit of
physical activity and develop skills required to lead a healthy
lifestyle. Students may choose to focus on improving their personal
fitness & knowledge of training by opting for Personal Fitness
Activities in grades 11/12. Exercise Science prepares students for
university programs in health sciences.
Additional Features
Credit Recovery Program
2 Credit and 4 Credit Co-op
Inter-Disciplinary Courses
Weight Training Facility
International Exchanges & Trips
eLearning Courses
5 Computer Labs (2 are mobile)
Swimming Pool
For a list of all programs that are also offered visit
Student Life - Where You Belong
Fostering a sense of community is a focus at Malvern. The
school offers a variety of opportunities for learners to
engage in Malvern's vibrant extra-curricular life. Malvern
currently has over 30 clubs and groups in various areas of
interest such as the arts, culture & social justice. Our music
groups offer a range of musical opportunities. Culturally
focused groups run fun events that promote cultural
Malvern is a leader in areas of equity and social justice. It is
an Anne Hope Award winning school for Excellence in
Human Rights and a gold level Eco-School. Anchored by
our School Climate Council which addresses issues of
safety and social justice and our Eco-Schools Council,
student led groups focus on issues of the environment,
empowerment, sexual stereotyping, poverty, human rights
and supporting mental health.
The Black Knights have over 100 years of athletic excellence
and Malvern's strong sporting tradition is still alive today.
Malvern has over 20 teams such as football, hockey,
baseball, cross-country, swimming, rugby, track and field,
soccer & volleyball. From sports to the arts; to culture and
social justice, there is a place for everyone at Malvern.
What Sets Us Apart
Opportunities for Engagement. Malvern is a school with
strong traditions, but which has also modernized to meet the
needs of today's diverse students. Our strength is our focus
on community and that includes our parents and guardians
via our Home & School Council. We work as a community to
help assist new students find their place in our vibrant
student life. There is an introductory orientation day as well
as a co-curricular fair for all new students to meet the
leaders of all of our clubs and teams to find out how to get
involved. There are special evening programs for parents
regarding our academic programs and extra-curricular
offerings. Everyone has a chance to find out what we offer
and how they can engage. Supportive staff and student
leaders through our Peer Leader mentoring program assist
new students with getting involved.
Parent and Community Engagement
Malvern maintains strong links with its alumni group: the Red and
Black Society. This group meets regularly and is involved with many
initiatives. Malvern works with a very supportive parent community
who contribute directly to the operation of the school through the
Malvern Home and School Council. Parents support the school by
funding awards for commencement and attending a variety of school
activities. The Music Parents' Council also meets monthly facilitating
fundraisers and events. A safe, inclusive & equitable learning climate
is essential if students are to succeed in school. Malvern’s School
Climate Council is a community based team that includes parents,
students, staff, administration & community organisations which
examines & responds to major issues regarding Malvern’s social
climate with a focus in areas of safety, equity, inclusion & respect.
TDSB - Better Schools. Brighter Futures
Imagine a TDSB where all schools share a common core set of characteristics. They are
community-driven and focused on teaching and learning. Students and parents have a wide variety of
opportunities and there are enough students in every school to increase program choices.
Imagine there is a clear focus on achieving student success and every student is engaged, has a voice,
access to a caring adult and the opportunity to develop their full potential.
Here at the TDSB our focus is on student achievement, parent and community engagement and financial
Contact Information
SCHOOL NAME: Malvern Collegiate Institute
55 Malvern Ave, Toronto, ON
M4E 3E4
(416) 393-1480
[email protected]