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Misty Argosies - Shop Fresh Poetry
The Western Gate salutes
Golden Gate Bridge at 75
Misty Argosies
With aperture
Near one mile wide —
The perpetual clash
Current upon wave
Upon tidal flow,
And Sierra’s snowmelt
Salty Crysopylae!
From geologic time
An estuary
Eluding all mariners,
Hidden by islets
With Alcatraz,
The one
Convenient obstruct
An illusion
Of solid landmass
Unto the hills beyond.
So deemed
Before ‘twas so —
One visionary span
In no-nonsense steel
The vital portal
With its hue
Of gold dust
In autumn
To pierce through
A persistent
Overhang of haze.
“So be it,”
Cries O’Shaughnessy,
“Tension in the cables
Compression in the towers,”
Strauss resounds,
His maestro’s arms
Signaling the downbeat,
“Our study in trigonometry.”
But I give you
Fair warning,
My friend:
Chicago’s “little cat feet” fog
Won’t cut it
For there
I spied
Hungry panthers
On the prowl!
By Mary Graham©
ShopFreshPoetry.com 2012

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