utilizing webstac - Brown School - Washington University in St. Louis


utilizing webstac - Brown School - Washington University in St. Louis
Registration Resource:
Navigating WebSTAC &
Registering for Classes
This packet will walk you through registering for your first semester of courses
at the Brown School.
page 2: How To Search For Courses
page 5: How To Build Your Schedule
page 7: How To Register For Courses
Before you register:
- Carefully review the Registration Packet for deadlines and requirements.
This packet is available on Admitted Students Resources.
- Have your WUSTL Key and password ready
1. In your browser, visit WebSTAC by typing in the URL: http://webstac.wustl.edu, then click
Login to WebSTAC.
2. At the next screen, you’ll be prompted to sign in using your unique WUSTL Key and
3. You will be redirected to your personal
4. Click on the Courses and Registration drop
down menu; select Registration Worksheet.
5. You will be redirected to your Registration Worksheet. You’ll use this worksheet to build
your schedule (we will share more information about this later). For now, we will begin to
search for classes by clicking Advanced Search.
6. After you click Advanced Search, you will be redirected to the Course Search page. You’ll
be presented with many drop down menus that you can use to narrow your search.
7. Find the drop down menu for School, then select Social Work and Public Health. Make
sure the Level field is checked Graduate. Then, click Search.
8. This will generate a list of open MSW and MPH courses for the next semester. These will
appear under Search Results:
Additionally, you can
narrow your search to
see only Public Health
courses by choosing the
drop down menu for
Department and clicking
S55-Public Health.
9. To browse courses offered in past semesters, use the drop down menu
Registration Worksheet for:.
Note: Brown School students have the option to take courses in other Schools and departments at Washington
University in St. Louis. Students must receive special permission from their advisor before enrolling in non-Brown
School courses. Once permission is obtained, you can search for these classes as we did above; simply adjust the School
and Department drop down menus to the appropriate fields.
Now you know how to search for Brown School courses in WebSTAC.
Next we’re going to begin building a schedule.
1. Once you’ve searched for open classes,
you can learn more about an individual
course by clicking the course number under
the Course/Session header.
2. This will open a summary of the course,
including a curriculum description and any
pre or co-requisites required.
3. By hovering your cursor over the table below the description, you’ll open a list of Actions,
including links to see a Syllabus, Books, or to add the course as a First or Second Choice to
your Registration Worksheet (RWS): Add RWS 1st or Add RWS 2nd. Adding courses to your
RWS does not register you for the course, it just helps build a schedule draft.
4. Alternatively, you can add coursework to
your Registration Worksheet under Search
Results by selecting the First or Second
Choice buttons.
5. What’s the difference between a First and
Second Choice Course?
Select First Choice for a class you want to be immediately
considered as part of your registration plan.
1st Choice classes DO appear on Mock Schedule
1st Choice classes DO appear on Registration Worksheet
Select Second Choice to flag a class you think you might
enjoy, but aren’t certain you want to add to your schedule.
2nd Choice classes DO NOT appear on Mock Schedule
2nd Choice classes DO appear on Registration Worksheet
6. You’ll notice that some courses are offered in multiple sections, but taught at different times,
by different faculty members. If you would like to take one of these courses, you must pick a
particular section. Although you can add multiple sections to your Registration Worksheet, you
can only enroll in one section or be waitlisted in one section. You cannot register for one section
of a course and be waitlisted for another. In the example below, you could add a Second Choice
Research Methods in case your First Choice fills too quickly.
7. When you’re finished browsing and adding courses to your Registration Worksheet, find
the Courses & Registration drop down menu and click Registration Worksheet.
8. You’ll be redirected to see all the classes you’ve added as First and Second Choices. You’ll also
see a mock schedule listing your first choice classes. You can continue to format your schedule
using the widgets on the left side of the page. Changes will be reflected under the Schedule Grid:
This widget will remove a course from your
schedule. If you change your mind and want
to add the class again, you’ll have to redo the
search process.
This widget bumps a class from the Second
Choice section to the First Choice section.
This widget moves a First Choice course to
the Second Choice section.
Now you know how to build a schedule in the Registration Worksheet.
Next, we will learn how to register for classes.
1. Before you can register for coursework there are a number of steps you must complete. You’ll
find a full list of these requirements in the Registration Packet available in the Admitted Students
Resources page. Please review these requirements carefully to ensure your timely registration.
As a first-semester student, before you register, your Academic Advisor must approve your
drafted Registration Worksheet. Find your advisor by selecting the Academics drop down menu
and selecting Advisors. Notify your advisor by email when your Worksheet is ready for review,
or with any questions you may have about the registration process. You will receive confirmation
when your Registration Worksheet has been approved.
2. When it’s time to register, click the Courses & Registration drop down menu and select
Registration. We recommend that you have this page up and ready a few minutes before
registration officially opens; this will help ensure you can register without additional delays.
3. You will be redirected to the Registration page; make sure your page opens to the
semester for which you are registering (in this case, we’re registering for Summer 2016).
Under the tabs for First and Second Choice coursework, you’ll find the courses you’ve
selected for your Registration Worksheet.
4. By hovering your cursor over one of the courses, you’ll unlock a set of Actions. Click Add
Course to enroll in that specific course.
5. If you successfully enroll in a course, you will receive a notification at the top of the page. If the
course has already filled, you will be asked if you want to join the waitlist.
6. If you change your mind and want to drop a class you’ve already enrolled in, find
My Schedule, hover your cursor over the class you’d like to drop, and under the Actions
section, select Drop Course.
A few notes about registration:
- If you end up on a waitlist for a class, do not panic!
Many people who register for Foundation Courses will test out via Proficiency Exams.
Other people elect to “shop” for courses during the Add/Drop period, and ultimately
do not remain enrolled in the class. Please do not email the professor asking to bypass
the waitlist. Instead, once inevitable course shifting has taken place, a team of
Academic Affairs Administrators will decide whether to increase enrollment capacity
based on the size of each class and waitlist.
- After your first semester, a few things to keep in mind:
In registering for subsequent semesters (i.e. Spring 2017), please be aware that the
Brown School requires pre-registration for many courses, so you will want to be
aware of those dates. More information about pre-registration can be found in the
Student Handbook. The Brown School will send additional information and
reminders this fall via your WUSTL email.
You will not be able to register for Spring 2017 coursework until you submit a final
transcript that demonstrates conferral of your bachelor degree. Please submit your
official, final transcript to the Office of Admissions & Recruitment as soon as possible, and no later than two weeks after classes begin.
For subsequent semesters, any holds placed on your account (academic, financial, or
others) will be listed in WebSTAC. Please pay close attention to your WebSTAC
profile to ensure a seamless registration process throughout your degree program.
Now you know how to register for courses! Please don’t hesitate to
contact your Academic Advisor with any enrollment questions.
For questions about your application to the Brown School (including
questions about final transcripts), contact the Office of Admissions &
Recruitment: [email protected], 314.935.6676

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