Amarok - Nargaroth


Amarok - Nargaroth
No Colours Records 2000
CD, LP heavy Vinyl (lim. 500); LP Tape, 2005 - PIC LP (lim. 500)
1. Herbstleyd (Promo Version) 08:45
2. Black Spell of Destruction (Burzum Cover) 06:25
3. Shall We Begin 05:57
4. Into the Void 08:54
5. Amarok - Zorn des Lammes Part II 22:37
6. As the Stars Took Me With 'em 19:49
Total playing time: 01:12:27
This unplanned release in the year 2000 was not a new album but contains older or
until then unreleased material. The depiction of the album on the Nargaroth homepage,
as well as in this document, shows the originally planned and therefore official cover
Autumn Suffering (Herbstleyd)
Autumn Suffering.
Autumn Suffering.
Pale leaf kissed by the tear
which fell through dead flesh.
Pain gave birth to the yearning for death
the autumn decay
Not a wave hits the water,
silently kissed by the moonlight
Red tears are mixing with
the dead leaves
Fear whose name was love, a dragger made from hatred
is sleeping now deeply in my heart
Fear creates the suffering of solitude
which is longing for decay.
Suffering, be my desire and in the deepest autumn
I shall be blessed with death
Black Spell of Destruction
(Music & Lyrics by Varg Vikernes)
Hear my sword the making
of my spell
Sheb Nigurepur
The World's Tragedy
Is Served at My Feast
Shall We Begin?
Black Metal is the art and weapon in my hand
That never fall asleep - 'til every man is killed
It'll take your soul into unconsciousness
I will cut off your balls
Put'em in your mouth
And sew up your lips
When you wake up I will shoot into your neck
And you will know, it was me, it was me your enemy!
Shall we begin
That Black Metal will be the emperor of human fears
Black metal rules!
Black Metal rules!
I am the murderer with demons in my head
I am the murderer, who rapes your soul
Shall we begin to kill?
Shall we begin to holocaust the earth?
Shall we begin to burn?
Shall we begin with you...!?!
Shall we begin to kill?
Shall we begin that Black Metal rules the earth?
Shall we begin to kill?
Shall we begin with you!?!
Into The Void
Once I walked through dark forests
As I saw a flame in the sky
Fascinated, I was staring into the gallery of lights
I don't noticed the creature behind me
So fascinated I was from the flames
It bit me into my neck
But the flames in the sky, protected me from death
And the power and the curse has gone into me
From this day, every man in my live died
I knew the reason
Me! Me!
But I handle it as gift
and so I create a void around me
'til every man died
So, I must be careful
'coz no must know something about
my little romance with the flames in the sky....
I will kill you too.
Amarok – Wrath of the Lamb Part II
„He followed, when he was young, the wolves, who were hunting Karibus. Since then, the
wolf is his good spirit. Once, Uthek had nothing more to eat and no shelter from the cold.
Then he saw a wolf. He could feel how the wolf tore out his heart. When he woke again, he
was not injured. Thus, the wolf became his good spirit. “
(translated Inuit story from the beginning of the song)
Once, he made love with a young woman,
who came down from the stars on the earth.
When the stars called her back to them,
she gave him a child,
a girl with the beauty of the power of the stars.
The girl grew up, blessed with his love.
But the people ate up with envy of her
until she became a woman of graceful beauty.
She loved the scent of the forest and went hunting with the wolves,
for she, too, had to be one in the night.
When she one night returned from the bloody hunt,
she found him slain and the home ablaze.
The feeding envy was responsible for that!
She laid herself in the cold grass, next to her dead father,
when a silvery star tail seemed to detach itself from the firmament.
The young woman of former times, who had come from the stars,
held him in her arm.
A warm tail caressed him,
to elicit his soul.
She took her leave from the beloved child,
hoping that no-one should afflict her any more.
One more time the tails caressed the weeping child,
then she took him with her on crying winds.
(to the stars, where their love lasts forever)
The following night, the daughter was not found again.
In the distance, the lamenting howls of a wolf were heard.
She took her leave in her way, and as the howling hushed,
the murderers knew she would come to snatch them and take her revenge
What remained were human shreds…
As the Stars took me with'em
(Teil 2 des Liedes “Escape through the Gates to the Stars” vom ORKE Tape)
Once I begged the stars to take me with 'em.
Once I lost my tongue and eyes to be worthy.
Now I’m entering the halls of eternity.
The pain is incredible, but I don't feel sorrow.
Coz I’ll be wandering with'em through all eternity.
Ah, it's over, I feel her almighty and peace comes to my mind.
Now I am one with the stars,
will wander to where no man dwells.
But one day, I will return with the power of the stars
to take away the man from the face of the earth.
I'll keep watch on earth’s side, 'till the last days of her existence.
That no human hand can hurt her again.
And I will be there, when the blue planet dies
and when the sun explodes.
I'll hold his hand on his last journey....
When I’m wandering with the stars
I will remember the blue planet,
my mother, my mother.
In all eternity.
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