Sonrise Farm Boer Goats ..Gowboy Auctiontt Saturday April 15


Sonrise Farm Boer Goats ..Gowboy Auctiontt Saturday April 15
to Sonrise
Farm Boer Goats ..Gowboy Auctiontt
SaturdayApril 15, 2016 at the farm in Pfeifer,Kansas
10am- Noon - Viewingof SonriseFarmherd and saleanimals.
Noon - Lunchwill be served
1:00pm- Sale
We anticipatethat we will havearound25 goatsto sell.Mostwill be born in Januaryand Februaryand maybea few in
March.Most willbe siredby ourtwo main herdsires,Rockerwhohas65 ennoblementpointsand whosedaughters
wereJuniorChampionand Reserve
doesat the 2015Kansas
StateFair,or "Oh My Word"
who is our youngsirethat hasboth an ennobledsireand ennobleddam.We arevery excitedaboutthisyoungbuck.The
first 28 kidson the groundlookamazing.
Thereis a possibility
that there may be a red one or two aswell.
Lastyearthe top L2 goatsat the EllisCountyFair,two countychampions,
2 Grandsand a Reserve
Grandat the Kansas
StateFairand manyclasswinnerscamefrom our farm.We lookforwardto manymorewinscomingfrom our farm this
Pfeasefeel free to call us at 785-623-3622
or checkout our Facebookpage:SonriseFarm Boer Goats
*Auctionrules and detailsore on backside.
Hopeyou canjoin our familyfor a fun filledday! Fromthe Neher'sand goatsat SonriseFarm.
In the pastit hasbeenvery difficultto scheduleall prospective
buyersto comeand pickout their goat projectsand it
becomesa long,drawnout process.
We havedoneconsiderable
on how to betterhandleour problemand we
think this "CowboyAuction"processwill be a greatimprovementfor both buyerand seller.Thisprocessis designedto
giveeveryoneequalopportunityaswell as eliminatethe possibility
of hardfeelings.
We anticipatethat we will have
around25-30goatsto sell.Most will be born in Januaryand Februaryand maybea few in March.
Rulesfor the Auction:
1. Eachprospective
buyerwill be givena cardwith a buyernumberupon registration.
2. The animalswill be pennedaccording
to startingprice.
3. As the auctionstarts,eachbidderinterestedin buyingthe animalat the startingpricewill holdtheir cardin the
air.The biddingwill go up by $10.00increments.
Whena persondoesnot wishto bid any higherthey will lower
their cardand will no longerbe in the biddingfor that lot. Oncethey lowertheir card,they cannotre-enter
biddingon that lot,The lastpersonwith a cardin the air will be the winnerof that lot. lf the lastnumberof
biddersall drop their cardsat{hesametime,a run off of the biddingwill be heldonlyfor the previousremaining
bidders.The biddingwill startwith the lastbid and go up by 55.00incrementsuntilthere is a winner.
4. lf there is a Marchbabythat is stillnursing,that animalwill remainwith its motheruntilthe appropriate
weaningtime, approximately
60 daysof age.
5. lf a personis unableto attendthe auctionon saleday,they mayvisitthe farm by appointmentpriorto saledate
and leavea maximumsealedbid on any lot. lf thereis sucha bid,the personhandlingthe bid will be identified
priorto the sale.lf a lot hasa sealedbid it will be announcedbeforethat lot sells.All sealedbidswill be handled
with utmost honestyand integrity.
Thisprocessshouldgo ratherrapidly.We deeplyappreciate
eachonesinterestand cooperation.
lt is our goalto
keepproducinghealthyand qualityanimalsthat will do well for their new ownersand giveyoungpeoplea really
worthwhileand rewardingexperience.
Allthe doesin the salewill be eligibleto be registered
from 50%to 100%.We
will make
to anyonewho desiresto registertheir animalwith the AmericanBoerGoat
Hopeyou canjoin our familyfor a fun filledday!
Fromthe Neher'sand goatsat SonriseFarm.

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