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HERE - Ohio Bird Sanctuary
Winter Influx of Tundra Species
Ohio has had a large influx of tundra species. Theories for this explosion
range from extreme temperatures to a fluctuation in the vole and
lemming population. Regardless of the reason, it is a treat to have these
northern neighbors wintering in our state.
Snowy owl
The snowy owl, also known as the Arctic, great white, and ghost owl
feed primarily on rodents. A shortage of lemmings and voles in the owl’s
arctic home can drive these nomad hunters as far south as Ohio. Snowy
owls can be seen mostly along the Lake Erie shorelines but this winter
they have been spotted in 31 counties.
Rough-legged hawk
Rough-legged hawks migrate far from their arctic
breeding grounds to winter across southern Canada
and the United States. These large hawks have
feathered legs and come in two color morphs – light
and dark. Rough-legged hawks can be spotted
hunting large, open farm fields or marshes. Some of
the best known spots for observing these northern
hawks is the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, The Wilds,
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area, and Funk
Bottoms Wildlife Area.
Short-eared Owl
A bird of open grasslands, the Short-eared Owl is one of the
most widely distributed owls in the world. It is a crepuscular
species hunting during dusk and dawn hours. Spotting of
Short-ears have been reported at Big Island, The Wilds and
Killdeer Plains wildlife area.
Short-eared Owls rank high among the world's most antisocial
species when not paired off for breeding purposes. They
generally despise the presence of other raptors. If two owls
have a close encounter a fight will ensue and the air is filled
with calls of protest and bursts of speed.
For updates on the spotting of rare birds in your area visit website
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Note from Director
The Ohio Bird Sanctuary has had a year of great changes. On the positive side, new
capital improvements included a flight cage to condition birds back to the wild and a
parking lot and walk way. On the downside, our bird care coordinator, Amanda
Maugans, resigned from the Sanctuary to pursue a career with Med Vet. Amanda has
been assisting with bird care for over five years. She started as a student intern and
progressed into the Bird Care Coordinator position. Amanda’s expertise and passion for
the birds residing at OBS will be sorely missed.
The new flight compound was completed late summer and provides the longest flight
condition enclosure in the state. The octagon shape provides a 250 foot flight
circular corridor where the birds can continuously fly to strengthen flight muscles and
improve cardio stamina. Currently a Peregrine Falcon is conditioning in this corridor.
Amanda Maugans & Legacy
Plans for 2014 are to start the preliminary renovations of the educational
building. A $50,000 grant from the Taylor Family Foundation matched 1:1 by
the Richland County Foundation will fund the installation of new plumbing,
restrooms and heating system. These initial upgrades will make the building
suitable for year-round use for educational programming and suitable for
private and corporate rentals. If you are interested in holding a event at
the Sanctuary, we are excepting bookings starting September 2014.
We are in the process of thinning out the mailing list to save postage and
trees. If you are not a member, have not made a contribution or
attended an event at the Sanctuary in the last three years contact the
Sanctuary if you wish to continue receiving the newsletter.
Love is in the Air
February 15th 11-2pm
An afternoon of children’s crafts, visiting with many of our owls and a
presentation on the mating rituals of native owls.
Spring Evening Camp
April 11th 6-10pm
Explore the wonders of the Sanctuary waking up to the songs of spring.
Registration forms available on our website. For ages 6 to 12.
April 12th 11-2pm
Scavenger Hunt, children’s crafts and animal encounters
Mohican Wildlife Weekend
April 25-27th
See the website for program details
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2013 Annual Report
The Ohio Bird Sanctuary is a private not for profit
organization. Its mission is to provide professional
care to native songbirds and raptors and to provide
opportunities for individuals to learn, explore and
foster an appreciation of our natural resources.
The Sanctuary is not supported by governmental
agencies or tax dollars. The operations and
sustainability of the organization depends on the
generosity of donations, memberships, in-kind
services and grants.
Financial Report
January 1- December 31,2013
Capital Campaign
In-kind Avian Care
Earth Share of Ohio
Gift Shop
28,198 (restricted)
Bird Care
Educational Programs
Payroll liabilities
Property Management
Gift Shop
Capital Improvements
*Parking Lot and Walkway $19,735
*Flight Compound $50,949 (volunteer labor and in-kind service additional value of $12,000)
* Funding and expenses for capital improvements are not included in the operational income and expense
statement. They are recorded as changes to net assets.
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2013 Programming Summary
The Sanctuary offers 16 different educational programs. In 2013 the Sanctuary provided programming to 280
classes representing 31 schools, hosted 22 field trips, held 28 days of camp, 9 homeschool days, 9 Storytime
programs for preschoolers and parents, guided 68 tours and provided 26 additional outreach programs. The
programs served all ages and abilities.
Jr. Naturalists
The Jr. Naturalists program serves youth 13 to 17 years of age. The youth participate in
natural science-based educational experiences and do service projects for OBS and other
environmental organizations. In 2013, the Jr. Naturalist assisted staff with the children’s
activities at the Mohican Wildlife Weekend, Fall Festival and Christmas for the Birds.
Throughout the year their education and service projects included: attending the Ohio Wildlife Diversity Conference, hosting the Young Ohio Birder’s club from Columbus, attending the Greatest Week of American Birding at
Crane Creek, helping remove invasive plant species at South Bass Island, assisting in the research of the Lake
Erie Water Snake population at North Bass Island, and visiting Guy Denny’s Prairie.
Nature Camps
The 2013 camp season included three days of winter camp, a spring night
camp, five weeks of summer nature camp, and three weeks of day camp for
Friendly House youth. The camps for Friendly House were funded through
the Richland County Foundation Summertime Kids.
The Sanctuary participated in a new program
with Richland Newhope (Richland County
Board of Developmental Disabilities). The STEP program ( Summer Training
Employment Program) is a 5 week paid program for high school age individuals
with development disabilities .The goal of S.T.E.P. is to gain work experience and
transition into productive participants in the workforce and community. The
Sanctuary benefited greatly from the students’ assistance this summer and has
hired one of the young men, Billy Bryant, to assist with maintenance projects.
Avian Report
The Ohio Bird Sanctuary received 195 birds requiring care. 59 were raptor species. The
Sanctuary assisted an additional 560 birds through phone conversations. Staff works
diligently to help the public identify if an animal truly needs human assistance and
instructs them how to assist the animal without removing it from its natural
Sanctuary staff and volunteers provided daily care to 24 display birds and 13 educational
birds. Four new birds joined the ranks of the educational collection. All four of these
magnificent birds suffered injuries preventing their return to the wild. Fiat, a small male
Coopers Hawk with a congenital eye condition is on display with our female Cooper
Hawk. Gus, a 25 year old Bald Eagle, suffered a fracture to the distal part of his wing.
He is on display with Ralph, the Turkey Vulture. Peregrine Falcons, Stuart and Pippin,
both suffered severe wing fractures and are being trained for outreach programs. They
will replace our aging Peregrine, Legacy, who is being retired from programming.
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2013 Annual Appeal Donors
The Annual Appeal supports the care of the birds, funds special projects and provides camp
scholarships. Thank you to the following individuals for your generous support.
Richard Adams
Beth Alphin
Sharon Ault
Tim & Julie Babcock
David & Kelly Badnell
Mechanics Bank
Richland Bank
Ann & Jack Bargahiser
Bruce & Claudia Barrett
Angus & Jane Barton
Robert & Sandra Baxter
Gary & Cathy Bayliss
Barb Bechtler
Anne S. Benninghoff
Ken Berger
Renate & Neil Bernstein
Vincent & Jo Black
Dr. H.G. & Nancy Bletner
Rhonda Bockbrader
Mitch and Norma Boyd
Gina & Brian Brickner
Linda & Allison Brogan
Robert Buskey
Cheryl & Bill Callis
Marge Carnahan
Troy & Phala Chatwin
Mt Business Technologies
Mike & Carol Chambers
Charles Ciola
Sam & Peggy Clarke
Karen Conley
Irene Cooperrider
Larry Cornell
Jennifer Crose
Gorman Rupp Employee Civic Fund
Connie Fruendlich
Tom & Sarah Fruendlich
Michele Gingerich
Carol Goettl
Linda Gooden
Walter Graphics
Henley Graphics
Rick Gunder
Jennie Eklund
Larry Haas
Smith Hardware
Kevin & Becki Hils
Pam Hartley
Girl Scouts of Heartland
Hope Orr
Greg Owens
July Hobbs
Ellin Patchen
Sandra Homer
Becky & Matt Payne
Montie Hook
Ethan & Isaac Peebles
Buckeye Horizon
Dean Sheldon
Lois Howard
Carolyn Pierson
Bryan Howard
Don & Diana Plant
Bob & Willie Huhn
Susan & Jeff Price
Martha Hyatt
Linda Pullins
Lex-Shelby Elks
George Recck
Bill & Michele Jones
Peter & Susan Roberts
Jay Keoppel
Dick & Salli Rohm
Joseph Lallman
Allen Sanford
Robert Lardinals
Leroy Sargent
Mary & John Lehman
Ted & Heidi Sazdanoff
Donald Lincicome
Sharon Schulz
Virginia & John Linsdau
Beth Schmacher
Charlotte Mabee
Maureen Severns
Janet MacAdam
Don & Kris Shank
Paul Martin
Delores & Russell Shorts
Shari Mason
Jeff Smith
Sinetta Maul
Bobbi Spring
Dean & Sherly McCament
Robert Steinman
Fran & Gil McLendon
Robert & Sandee Crowl
Robyn McNully
Richard Cummins
Darlene Meehan
Saurabh & Suzanne Das
Dixie Mehock
Guy Denny
Lynne Miller
Robert Donaldson
Olive Miller
Bill & Carol Miller
Letitia Miller
Tom & Vera Millikin
Kathryn & Allie Moir
Roberta Moore
Adelle Morley
Richard Morris
Joanne Mudra
Carrie Negroni
Nickrand Family
Donna Obrian
Herman & Nancy Stine
Milton Stofi
Carolyn Stoner
Kristine Suits
Jon Swartz
Katherine Swigart
Tom & Tracy Tappan
Taunts Family
Sally & Merrill Tawse
Mark & Louise Taylor
Vicki Uhde
Smith True Value
Greg & Susan Vigesaa
Pat Voelp
Charles Wagner
Beth Wallis
Tom & Sharon Wells
Pamela Wetzel
Steve & Andrea Williams
Jim & Mary Wise
Eugene & Gloria Yarger
Doug & Vicki Yoho
Nadji Young
Betsy Youse
Mark & Susan Zeigler
Larry & Susan
Shirley Zody
Page 6
Ohio Bird Sanctuary 2013 Members
The following individuals and corporations are members of the Ohio Bird Sanctuary. Their
membership dues support the general operations of the Sanctuary. These funds provide food
and medical supplies for the birds, support our educational programming and trail maintenance.
Jim & Andrea Arnholt
Natalie Badnell
Venetia & Charles Bramlage
Robert Buskey
Jennifer & Scott Foster
Jisa Mary
Kate & Dave Peresie
Beth Wallis
Jane & Bob Wingerd
Pat & Mike Addeo
Susan Arnold
Robert & Sandra Baxter
Sharon Bellino
Vincent & Jo Black
William and Cheryl Callis
North Liberty Garden Club
Jean Foor
John Ford
Connie Fruendlich
Mandi & Ross Gibson
Edward & Leanne Glazewski
Jim Gray & Linda Linn
Keith & Nancy Holtrey
Melanie Hull
Lee Jones
Joy Koeppel
Shari & Sara Mason
Wynn Meek
Dixie Mehock
Olive Miller
Martha & John Mortland
Adelle Morley
Michael & Stephanie Mulherin
Margie Phipps
Don & Diana Plant
John & Jenny Pilarowski
Michael Pikosz
Doug & Carol Pretorius
David & Katie Roller
Dean Shelton
R. Lee & Jean Shepherd
Jack & Ann Bargahiser
Angus & Jane Barton
Michael & Carol Chambers
Clark County Audubon
In Memory of Ashley Cooperrider
Larry Cornell
Brad and Sharon Courson
Liam & Graham Cummins
Saurabh & Suzanne Das
Suzie Davis
Jennie Eklund
Scott & Jennifer Foster
Gayle Gorman Freeman
Irv & Melinda Simon
Jonathan Sowash
Joe & Mebane Stolfi
Carolyn Stoner
Janet Swartz
Mary Louise & Dean
Underwood Family
Tim & Kristen VanWinkle
Kathy Wallace
Merris and Jean Welge
Marilyn Weiler
Deborah Wiseman
Wally & Bev Young
Linda & Larry Haas
James Henson
Shari & Sara Mason
Jennifer Medvin
Linda Linn & Jim Gray
Sonja Obyuba Kubina
Barb & John Makley
Manders Family
Lynne Miller
Ed & Cella Mularz
Patrick & Jana Mulherin
Ed & Bev Needham
Robin Obetz
Dan & Sue Phallen
John & Jenny Pilarowski
Dick & Salli Rohm
Leroy & Kathleen Sargent
Joe & Mebane Stolfi
Doug & Jean Theaker
Ed & Sue Thomas
Greg & Susan Vigesaa
Mark & Susan Webster
Helen Bartlett
Bruce & Claudia Barrett
Christopher Blankenship
Linda Bowman
Robert & Char Mabee
Eric Barkdull
Mike & Cheryl Markley
Si Carmean
Nancy Moree
Charles Ciola
Joanne Mudra
Mary Collet
Betty Pollock
Gary Cowell
Joan Rader
Amy Crutchfield
Desiree Dickerson Peter & Susan Roberts
Dawne Snyder
Choel Evans
Charlotte Gebhart Marge Stoodts
Doug & Sally Strine
Green Family
Charles Wagner
Hagner Family
Dallis & Kitty Wagner
Margie Joyce
Russell & Deborah Wiseman
Jan Kennedy
Tim Leslie
Page 7
2013 Donors
The following individuals, corporations and foundations supported the Sanctuary through
designated gifts to specific projects and programming for disadvantaged youth,
provided general gifts to support operations and donated their services.
Adopt a Bird
Danielle Dotish
Lana Dennison
BreAnn Fennell
Melissa Smith
Patricia Scholl
Bruce Barrett
Shawn & Evon Holliday
David & Judy Lewis
Jacob and Miles Prystowsky
Megan Nichol Mahon
George Lingg
In kind Services
Hull Veterinary Hospital
North Ridgeville Animal Hospital
Green Environmental Services
Charles River Lab
Will Lab
Sams Club
Sandy Hill Fruit Farm
Wayne’s Market
Kent State University
Walter Graphics
Taylor Family Foundation
Richland County Foundation
Mark and Sandi Arnold
Venetia & Chuck Bramlage
Jennifer and Scott Foster
Joe & Edie Humphrey
Omar & Sue Guimaraes
Gordan L Jones
Joy Keopel
Rhonda & Wes Shaffer
Roby Foster Miler Earick
David & Dena Wingerd
Memorials Gifts
Patricia Bishop
Russell Hall
Samantha Laux
Gary Schumacher
Al Shiff
Floyd Weikle
Toni Sponsler
Jim Zimmerman
Flight Compound
Event Sponsors
Roby Foster Miller Earick
Mechanics Bank
Richland Bank
C. Richard Thompson
Hire Family Foundation
Richland County Foundation
Kenneth Scott Charitable Trust
Mansfield Rotary Club
Irene Cooperrider
Charlotte Gebhart
Florence Campbell
Randy & Sandra Winland
Beth Schumacher
Judy Braneazio
Century Link
Fanello Concrete
Red White and Bluest Masonry
General Donations
Sons & Daughter of Herman
Janet Kohr
Dr. H.G. & Nancy Bletner
Mansfield Noon Optimist
Russel & Mary Gimbel Foundation
Pamela Wetzel
Penny Smith
Carl Fernyak
Douglas Sponsler
Roberta Stitzlein
Sharon Rebmann
Jim & Sharon Motz
Bev & Rick Wolford
Barb Bechtler
Susan Levine
Stacey Hunsinger
Girl Scout Troop 1986
Clark County Audubn
Richard Poffenbaugh
Roberta & Diana Miller
Anne S. Benninghoff
Doug & Carol Pretorius
Bellville Lions Club
James & Linda Lamson
Paul Collins
Elks No 56
Eleanir Kline
Claudia & Bruce Barrett
St Paul Lutheran Church
Robert & Janet Kohr
Jean Foor
Lee Jones
Mansfield Reike Association
Thomas & Sharron Wells
Barb Christel
Lorrie Elcert
Charles & Eleanor Dombrowski
Ray & Rani Piar
Mary Louise & Dean Thomas
Antoinette Miskey
David & Katie Peresie
Cindy VanDerGriend
U.S. Postage
Permit # 114
Ohio Bird Sanctuary
Or current resident
3774 Orweiler Road
Mansfield, OH 44903
(419) 884-4295
Your membership supports our
programs and the care of the education birds.
Owl $25
Receive Newsletter and invitations to
special events
Owl benefits & Mug
Owl benefits & T-Shirt
Osprey $500
Eagle benefits &
live-bird presentation
To become a member, please fill out the
informational box below and enclose a check
to: Ohio Bird Sanctuary
Name ___________________________________________
Member of
Address ______________________________________________________________
City ____________________________________________ State _______ Zip ____________

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