Untitled - PT. Bumi Resources Tbk.



Untitled - PT. Bumi Resources Tbk.
: 078/BR-BOD/IV/16
Attachment : Subject
: Information Disclosure
Jakarta, 14 April 2016
Chief Executive of
Capital Market Supervision
Financial Services Authority
We, for and on behalf of the Company, hereby would like to submit a Report of Material
Information or Facts, as follows:
Name of Issuer or Public Company
Line of Business
: PT Bumi Resources Tbk. (“Company”)
: Mining
: 021-57942080
: 021-57942088
Date of Occurrence of Event
14 April 2016
Type of Material Information or Fact Legal Dispute faced by the Company
Description of Material Information -
Type of Dispute:
or Fact
Petition for Suspension of Debt Payment
Obligation (PKPU).
Parties in dispute :
Castleford Investment Holdings Ltd., as
Petitioner in PKPU; and
PT Bumi Resources Tbk., as Petitionee or
Respondent in PKPU.
Status of the case:
1st Summons to appear in court, scheduled for
Thursday, 14 April 2016, 10.00 a.m.
Taking place in :
District/Commercial Court of Central Jakarta.
Impact of such event, material Other than legal impact, there is no impact on
information or fact on operating operating activities, financial condition or going
activities, legal impact, financial concern of the Company.
condition, or going concern of
Issuer or Public Company.
As for the legal aspect, the Company will comply
with the summons for court appearance
follow the legal proceedings as governed by the
prevailing laws and regulations.
In respect of PKPU petition lodged by Castleford
negotiating for an out-of-court settlement and
withdrawal of the said PKPU petition. In case
Castleford Investment Holdings Ltd. rejects the
proposed out-court-settlement, the Company will
abide by the court decision and follow the PKPU
proceedings as governed by Law No. 37 of 2007 on
Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment
Obligation, and with the best endeavors to
synergize with the planned debt restructuring
currently being negotiated with the creditors of
financial institutions and noteholders.
Other information
Today the Company has attended the first hearing
at the Commercial Court of Central Jakarta, and the
subsequent hearing is scheduled to take place next
To date, the Company is currently still in talks with
the creditors regarding the restructuring of its
debts. The Company expects to seek the best
solution for all stakeholders, as soon as possible.
PT Bumi Resources Tbk.
Dileep Srivastava
Direktur& Corporate Secretary

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