About Us - Edelweiss Holdings Ltd.


About Us - Edelweiss Holdings Ltd.
Edelweiss Holdings Ltd is a
investment portfolio and gold
practice and the means to such
Bermuda-based private
objective have changed over the
investment holding company, in
e company was founded in
years, but the guiding principles
reorganization. It holds
 but its intellectual roots
remain to this day.
participations in the production
and tradition began thirty years
of branded dairy products,
ago in family practice. rough
Edelweiss is to protect and
animal feed, fertilizer
bull and bear markets and
increase its capital in real terms
production, diversified
throughout our modern era of
and to convey its collection of
agricultural holdings, the
booms and busts, its solemn
economic assets, along with a
harvesting of salmon, materials,
objective has been the
sense of honest and responsible
specialty chemistry and
preservation of wealth against
stewardship, to future
engineering applications.
the erosion of the purchasing
Edelweiss also holds an
power of money. e form of
e long-term mission of
Edelweiss Holdings Ltd. Victoria Place  Victoria Street Hamilton HM  Bermuda +    offi[email protected]