Oktoberfest - the Schwaben Club!


Oktoberfest - the Schwaben Club!
The Schwaben Club is THE PLACE
to host your corporate Oktoberfest
event. We have everything to make
your evening a success. From our
award-winning food, to our awardwinning bands, your guests will be
immersed in a celebration of all that
is exciting about this world renowned
festival. And our dance groups will
delight you as well.
Whether it’s an intimate gathering
of 50, or a large gathering of 400
- the Schwaben Club will give you an
evening to remember.
Schwaben Club
1668 King St. E.
Kitchener, ON N2G 2P1
Phone: 519-742-7979
Fax: 519-742-0004
E-mail: [email protected]
Schwaben Club
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Events available at the Schwaben Club,
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Celebrating Oktoberfest any time of year.
A Schwaben Club dance group
performs their renowned dance.
Phone: 519-742-7979
Authentic is the ONLY way...
Corporate “Oktoberfest”
Your package will include:
Live Oktoberfest Band
Music has always been
an integral part of
every Oktoberfest
festival. The wail of the
trumpets, the smooth
Only the best German bands
sound of the accordion, play at the Schwaben Club.
and that famous oompah-pah are all important
aspects of an excellent Oktoberfest celebration.
And whether you just sway in your seat, or hit the
dance floor with everything you’ve got - the bands
of the Schwaben Club will get your blood pumping.
Oktoberfest at the
Schwaben Club a celebration to remember.
From traditional folk songs to modern hits, our
bands will keep the party going until it’s time to
go home. Not that anyone will want to.
Award-Winning Food
Traditional German Dance Group
What would Oktoberfest be without delicious,
authentic food? The Schwaben Club has it all,
from our award-winning Schnitzel, to our mouthwatering sauerkraut. Don’t forget about the
ever-popular Oktoberfest sausage. And an
Oktoberfest meal wouldn’t be complete without
some scrumptious strudel to finish it off.
If your guests have any special
dietary needs, let us know. We’ll
be more than happy to work
with you, making sure everyone
is able to enjoy the full benefits
of the evening.
2011 Hansi
e Award
Fester ’s Choic
Best Schnitz
Schwaben Cl
A Schwaben Club dance group
ends their performance with a
crowd pleaser.
The Schwaben Club is
known for its exciting
dance groups. With
two children’s groups
and two adult groups,
we have something for
From traditional dances to energetic contemporary
adaptations, our dance group performances
will not only give your guests a chance to relax
and be entertained, but will also add to the
authenticity of the evening. Don’t be surprised if
a little toe-tapping happens as well.
• Hall rental including all tables and chairs, setup
as required
• Reception / Sign-In table, if required
• Podium with microphone, if required
• Projector and screen, if required
• White linen tablecloths
• Special Oktoberfest menu (featuring hand-breaded
pork schnitzel, Oktoberfest sausage, mashed potatoes,
sauerkraut, bread, strudel, coffee & tea)
• Staff dressed in traditional clothing
• Hall decorated with authentic Oktoberfest decorations
• Traditional performance by German folk-dance group
• Live entertainment by a German Oktoberfest band
• Vegetarian options available
For more information, pricing and availability - give us a call,
send us an email or fax, or mail in the form below. We will
work with you to plan your perfect evening.
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Schwaben Club
1668 King St. E.
Kitchener, ON N2G 2P1
Phone: 519-742-7979
Fax: 519-742-0004
E-mail: [email protected]