Die Ecke Des Präsidenten
Summer is over - on to Oktoberfest. Keep
an eye on the calendar as to when our Festivals
will be and please bring out all of your friends
and families.
Lately some of our members have been concerned
about all of the dances at Morrison. I want to reassure
all of our members that this was done for financial
Board of Directors
reasons. I am sorry if this has been perceived as not
Executive Committee
upholding our clubs traditions. We on the board felt
President....................Elisabeth Lane that by renting the clubhouse throughout the summer
Vice President.................Fred Roosli and still having dances every Saturday night in
Secretary.…..…........Kristen Collins Morrison, we were doing the best for our Verein. I
Treasurer..........….........Steve Dozsak
Corr.Secretary…..…......Edith Gorner have heard, and agree, that by having the dances in
Asst.Treasurer….....Spaulding Goetze Morrison we have lost contact with each other and I
Membership……………...…..Vacant am sorry for that. I must let you know that it was a
Sgt.At Arms...….…..…….Hal Dodd
profitable summer and for the first time in a long time
Cashier.....….………........Amy Dodd
are closer to running in the black. We are back at
Asst.Cashier..…….…Heidi Stockdale
Property……................Jeff Jenssen the club now so let’s get going and catch up with all
Program...........…….….Cindy Dozsak of our friends and all the gossip. I want to thank all
Publications.….……....Terry Jenssen
Vorplattler.....……..........Chris Collins of you for your support and understanding. Auf Geht’s
zum Oktoberfest!
It is with a heavy heart that I have to report to all
of you that we have lost another wonderful member, Mike Torres. Louise, our love and
prayers are with you. We also lost Hilde Wells, she will be sorely missed. Bernie Schuetz
passed away in July. Our thoughts are with Natalie and his family. Marion Conrad,
who graciously accepted the job of translating our by-laws, is under the weather and I
hope she will be feeling better soon. Happy 90th Birthday to Maria Morelli. She’s been
under the weather; I know the Over the Hill Gang misses your wonderful smile. I just
saw Erna Alcanter and it was super seeing her still getting around, Erna come on out, I
know everyone would love seeing you. For all the other members who have been under
the weather, get well soon and come out or let us know how you are doing.
I want to thank all of the younger members for always being there when help is needed.
I know that most of you do not see all the work that they do but believe me, they remind
me of all the members who started and worked so hard to get and keep our club running.
The election is coming up in October for the executive board. If you would like to
run for a position, please let the election committee know so they can put your name on
the ballot. This is the time when all who believe that things need to either stay the same
or be changed, need to put their time in to help it happen. Please nominate yourself or
whomever you think could and would do the job.
Until next month mit Trachtengruß,
Elisabeth Lane, 1. Vorstand
11am - 5pm
3pm - CLOSE
14197 East Exposition Ave. Aurora, CO 80012
303-344-5488 *www.helgasdeli.com* 303–344-5101
OPEN 7 Days a Week for LUNCH & DINNER
Authentic German Cuisine
Imported Beers & Wines • Unique German Deli with Meats, Breads,
Cheeses and Groceries • Imported Chocolate • German Tortes & Pastries
Special Events at Helga’s
Make your reservations for your special event. Birthday parties,
wedding rehearsals or friends gathering for a special night. Helga’s
has a wonderful banquet room for all your special event needs.
With the purchase of two full-size
dinner entrees
Purchase a full-size dinner entree
and receive one kid’s meal for
your child FREE.
With the purchase of two full-size
dinner entrees
the last Friday of every month.
T.E.V Edelweiss Schuhplattlers
Our group would like to wish Brandon the
best of luck as he begins his college\football
career at Doane College!
The club’s Oktoberfest in August was our
kick off for OktoberFest season! We always have
a great time attending various celebrations
around town. As much fun as we have; this is
also the best time for our fundraising so we can attend all these great
Fests. We are selling King Soopers gift cards, please see Chris Collins for
more information about them if you are interested. Here’s the list of our
September engagements. If you would like to join us for any of these we
would love to see you. Just ask a Schuhplattler if you have any questions.
9/10 Longmont Oktoberfest
9/17-9/18 Oktoberfest in Breckenridge
9/23 University Club
9/30 & 10/1 German Day
Happy September Birthday to our
1st – Spaulding Goetze III
1st- Alex Keller
2nd – Aana Rase
2nd – Emma Burbach
3rd – Adam Taylor
9th – Terry Jenssen
11th - Sydney Wiedmeier
13th - Sparrow Koopmeiners
16th- Brigitte Baehre
19th – Joe Rieb
24th – Vincent Stockdale
25th – Fred Taylor
27th – Chelsea Dozsak
27th- Susie Keller
September 2–CLUB CLOSED
September 10, 17,
24–open menu
dinner served
beginning @ 6:30pm
-- The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize
outstanding achievement by a young person by providing
financial assistance for further education at the
university or vocational level.
-- A recipient of a grant must be a member in
good standing, have distinguished himself or herself
within the TEV Edelweiss, and not be older than 21 years
of age. Special consideration will be given for involvement
in past, present and future activities involving the
German language and culture.
-- The official printed application form must
be used. Two letters of recommendation must accompany
each application for consideration by the TEV Edelweiss
Board of Directors.
-- The scholarship grant is
an annual award. The amount available will not exceed
$1,000 per year. Eligible recipients may receive an award
for no more than two years. A total of not more than two
grants may be made annually in the amount of $500
-- All applications must be received by October
31 in the year preceding the award year for review by the
TEV Edelweiss Board of Directors. Approved grants will
be published in the February edition of “Das Edelweiss
Echo” each year.
Our next meeting will be
Wednesday, September 16. We have
a few openings in our royal court;
if you are up to the task please
join us. If working in the
background is more your style
then we plenty of opportunities for
you as well. This next meeting is a very
important one because it will set the direction
for next year’s upcoming events. Remember
everyone is welcome to join us.
Bitte, unsere Mitglieder Versammlung
nicht vergessen!
Sunday, September 18th
@ 2:00pm. Kaffeeklatsch
to follow, please bring a
dessert to share!
Senior Citizens—”Top of the Hill Gang”
Please join us for our next get
together on September 7th.
Elections for the Executive
Board will be held on
October 16, 2011 immediately
following the 2:00pm
Membership Meeting.
Support our advertisers!
It is September and therefore the heart of
Oktoberfest season. We started our Oktoberfest
off with the 1st fest along with the rest of you out
at the Morrison property. Two days of beer,
dancing and fun. It was quite the work out, but
always a pleasure to see so many people.
We have Greeley to look forward to as usual. It is
such a pleasure to return there every year and see
old friends and catch up on another year gone by.
It also gives us a chance to visit Erna Peschel for a change. She is
always a gracious hostess.
Our calendar is filled with dances from all over Colorado as well
as a couple of neighboring states. These have become an
Oktoberfest tradition with our group and going back year after year
brings us warm smiles, cold beer, and some great music. This is our
favorite time of the year.
This is also the time of the year we add a bit of polish to the
dances we are performing and to introduce some new ones. We are
practicing a few dances from our workshop in July so we don’t
forget how to do them. If you have ever been curious about dancing
with us, this is a good time to join. We practice every Tuesday night
at 7:30 p.m. You are welcome to come and watch, learn a little
dance with us, or just drop in and say hi. The more the merrier.
As Oktoberfest is most known for beer, we thought it would be
fitting to introduce the worlds oldest brewery. It is in the state of
Bavaria and is now called Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan.
The Weihenstephan has been in full operation since the year 1040!
The brewery started with the Benedictine Weihenstephan Abby
which was founded in 725. Leave it to the monks to start up a
brewery that can truly withstand time. Although the brewery has
been brought up to date with many of the techniques to brew beer,
it still keeps the old traditional recipes and way of doing things.
Next time you are in Bavaria, you should stop in and have a pint.
Happy Oktoberfest!
Amy Dodd
Greetings to all the club members,
and to all who helped support our first Annual
National Schützenfest. Our guests from Las
Vegas, Nevada had a wonderful time while
they were here. They enjoyed the views of
our Morrison property during our shoot, and
they enjoyed meeting all of you at the awards
dance on Saturday night.
I would like to shout out a special thanks
to those who helped us. Rick and LeAnn Salazar who helped with
set up and tear down. They were also our advisors as they are the
only members who have attended a Schützenfest outside our club.
Don Hessler who loaned us the target stands for our shoot.
Elisabeth Burbach who helped set up for the pot luck, and to the
folk dancers, Ron and Rosanne Gehauf, Elisabeth Burbach, Don
and Lorraine Hessler, and Erna Peschel who helped serve our
guests for the awards dinner. Lisa for helping with the clean up. A
special thanks to my wife, Amy. She put all of this together and did
the vast majority of the work and heavy lifting required to get this
fest off the ground! Thanks to all of you for your help--we couldn't
have pulled this off with out you!
Our festival was a success. There were many who said they
would be back next year. Many were already making plans. If you
would like to see the highlights of our festival please watch our web
video produced by Jim Bath. The web site is: www.colovariety.com/
We are grateful to Jim who donated time and effort to get this video
produced for us.
Last, we would like to congratulate our very own Sylvia Schumann
for her second place win among the ladies and to our group who
placed second overall in team. We are so very proud of you!
Please join us on Sept 12th for our next shoot right here at the
club. We start at 7:30. If you are considering joining our group, you
are welcome to come out and see how we do things, plus we will
allow you to shoot as a guest. This will be a great way to see if this
is something you can work into your schedules for next year.
Hal Dodd
Schützen Welcome!
Ever wonder what’s going on
with club members? Good
news or not so good news,
we’d all like to keep up on
the latest happenings. If you
have news to share, please
contact Edith Gorner (720540-6053). She has gracious
volunteered to print monthly
notes regarding our members. Feel free to share news
about new babies (or grandbabies!), weddings,
illnesses, birthdays, etc. of our fine members.
p o rt o ur Advertiser
Anyone interested in
renting the clubhouse or
the Morrison picnic
shelter may contact Susie
Keller at
[email protected].
You may also leave a
message at (303) 842-6254
or (303)289-5621.
Ron and Otto will be spending every
Wednesday at the Morrison Property
this summer from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
doing odd jobs–cutting the grass,
cleaning up, trimming the orchard
and different maintenance jobs that
have been ignored for a long time.
Any of you with spare time who would like some fresh air or
exercise are invited to join them. If you're interested, please
contact them. Call either Ron or Otto and volunteer your services.
Ron 303-422-5461 Otto 720-540-6053
Entertainment News
First of all I would like to thank Deanna
Dozsak for all her hard work over the past few
years. With school and work she feels she can’t
give Program 100%. Since I have been helping
over the past few years, I have taken over has
Program and I hope Deanna will still help me
with all her good ideas.
Thanks to everyone who made the 1st German Oktoberfest
a big success and thanks to all the volunteers. Also thanks to
the Continentals and the Alpine Echo Band.
Don’t forget we will be closed Sept 3rd, enjoy the Labor Day
weekend. Sept. 10th is Weinfest, with the Continentals, at the
club house. Come out and see how many bottles of wine you
get away with. Sept. 17th is Oktoberfest with the Average
German Band, at the club house. Sept 18th is the Membership
meeting at 2:00, don’t forget to bring goodies out to share. Sept.
24th is Oktoberfest with the Rhinelanders, at the club house.
Program Meeting will be every other month, so look for a
meeting in October.
Thanks, Cindy Dozsak

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