chip card brochure - Bergengren Credit Union


chip card brochure - Bergengren Credit Union
Before you use your
new card, you MUST
call 1.800.561.7849
to activate your card.
A PIN has been pre-selected
for you. If you wish to change it,
please call 1.800.561.7849 or
for a list of credit union locations
where you can change your PIN.
Your new card also features PayPass™, a safe
and convenient way to make small purchases.
Easy-to-use chip and PIN technology
What is PayPass? MasterCard® PayPass is an easy,
new way to pay. Just Tap & Go™. It’s even better than
having exact change for purchases. A simple tap of
your card is all it takes to pay for purchases under
$50 at checkout. PayPass is accepted at many
of your favourite merchants here in Canada and
around the world.
How does it work? It’s simple. No more swiping,
searching for coins or waiting for change.
1. At checkout, tap your card on the symbol under
the MasterCard PayPass logo on the terminal.
2. Listen for a beep and look for the green lights
indicating payment was accepted.
3. If your purchase is $50 or less, that’s it — you’re
on your way. No need to sign or enter a PIN.
Is PayPass safe? With secure encryption technology
and Zero Liability~ protection, MasterCard PayPass
is a safe and convenient payment solution.
• You’re in control — your PayPass never leaves
your hands to make a payment.
• No accidental transactions — even if you tap more
than once at checkout, you’ll only be billed once
for your purchase.
We can all
benefit from
a little protection.
~ As a MasterCard credit card cardholder, you will receive the benefit of
Zero Liability in the event of the unauthorized use of your Canadian-issued
MasterCard credit card. Zero Liability is provided under specific conditions; see
for details.
CUETS Financial is a division of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.
All trade-marks are the property of their respective owners.
CUETS is a trade-mark of Credit Union Central of Canada, used under licence.
Protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.
Use your card with absolute
confidence, everywhere you go.
Chip and PIN technology is making
credit cards much safer.
Your new MasterCard®credit card employs the
latest chip and PIN technology to provide you with
even greater security and protection. A microchip
embedded inside encodes your secret PIN and
helps prevent counterfeiting. To learn more about
chip and PIN technology, please visit
It’s easy to use — and safer than ever.
Simply insert your card into the chip-enabled
terminal and follow the prompts. Leave your card
in the terminal until the transaction is complete, and
then take the receipt.
Here are some important things to know:
PINs for authorized users
Any authorized or secondary users will need to have
their own PIN.
To obtain their PIN or select a new one, authorized or
secondary users can call 1.800.561.7849 or visit for a list of credit
union locations where they can change their PIN. It is
important that they identify themselves as authorized
or secondary users.
Blocked accounts
If you enter your PIN three times incorrectly,
your account will be automatically blocked for
security reasons. To remove the block from your
account, visit or call
1.800.561.7849 for a list of credit union locations
where you can unblock your PIN.
New chip and PIN terminals are now
in use all across Canada.
Most merchants are now using chip-enabled
terminals to process credit card transactions.
These terminals are designed to read and verify
your secret PIN.
You can still swipe your card.
Your new card also features a magnetic stripe
on the back. So if a merchant does not yet offer
a chip-enabled terminal, you can still swipe your
card in the traditional way, and sign the receipt.
Remember to securely or completely destroy
any old cards with the same card number.
Want more information?
or call 1.800.561.7849.
Important PIN facts
Please tear off and keep for reference.
Changing your PIN.
Visit or call
1.800.561.7849 for a list of credit union
locations where you can change your PIN.
Choosing a PIN.
• Choose a four-digit PIN that is easy for you
to remember.
• Your PIN cannot contain four identical digits
(e.g., 5555).
• The system will not allow you to select a PIN
that can “wrap around” to become sequential
(e.g., 3412, 2341).
• The system will not allow you to select a PIN
with the first and last numbers only one digit
apart (e.g., 3792, 1582).
Protecting your PIN.
• Memorize your PIN — don’t write it down.
• Never disclose your PIN to anyone, including
friends and family, financial institutions or law
enforcement agencies.
• Always shield the keypad with your hand when
entering your PIN into the chip-reading terminal,
or into the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
• If you suspect that someone else knows your
PIN, change it immediately.

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