VM - Village Market



VM - Village Market
When ‘Cotton Club’
came to town.
Trail of a family’s maritime mystery leads to
the revelation of an art
gem and the tragic tale
of a seafaring disaster
and historic ancestry.
Published monthly
and distributed by Village Market
Micronewspapers Ltd. Main Street,
Whittington, Lichfield, Staffs WS14 9JU
Delivering DOOR to
DOOR in: Whittington,
Fisherwick, Elford, Comberford,
Wigginton, Hopwas, Hints, Weeford,
Packington, Boley Park, Shenstone,
Edingale, Harlaston, Haunton, Clifton
Campville, Alrewas, Fradley, Streethay,
Elmhurst, Curborough, Kings Bromley,
Yoxall, Barton-under-Needwood.
For all enquiries
t: 01543 432341
e: [email protected]
Editorial Director
Gareth Griffiths
Michelle Langford, Deborah Barnish
Disclaimer: Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of dates, event information and advertisements,
appearing in ‘The Village Market’. However, events
may be cancelled, or dates may be altered by the
organisers. Village Market Micronewspapers Ltd.
therefore cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy
of any claims made by advertisers within the
micronewspaper or upon any literature it may deliver
on their behalf.
Shimmy along to Maria’s
cookery fest, feast on fabulously healthy food, find
new friends and how to
alter your eating habits.
Now youngsters can try and follow him,
thanks to Carl Harlow and his friends.
‘Libellous, misleading and untrue’, claim.
After a chance discovery ‘Pop’
Wilkinson’s grandson was hot
on the trail of The Dunholme
and her cruel fate one stormy
night long ago. From page 3
SLCC gave clerk
authority and
influence when
it seems to have
known about
crises in at least
two ‘VM’-area
parish councils.
have been
a natural disaster
the night the Lindy
Hoppers jived hot
at the Assembly Rooms.
Because that is the only
thing that could explain
the empty auditorium.
Because the bus company was told to
give villagers the ‘minimum’ service!
Spikes reported in members looking to
quit and complaints against councils.
Forecasters are predicting a reluctant
start to the country’s
economic recovery in
2013 with the
prospect of more significant growth next
year. Being in the
right frame of mind
to capitalise on the
coming opportunities is crucial. The
2013 ‘Connect’ show
will be the place to
join like minds and
focus on success.
Money men planning to build
amid the financial gloom.
Alrewas’ renowned folk musician and author, Martin Ryan,
recalls the childhood from which sprang his book, ‘Dare To
Recall’ (now being serialised in ‘VM’-Page 30).
The quick snip of
a ribbon opened
a world of fun for
village children
and will stand as
an accolade for
four ‘VM’-area
Ian shifts his poles but refuses to
admit he created a death trap.
The state of Peter’s road
threw drivers into the ditch
- Ian’s poles were perfectly
placed to cut them in two.
‘Have I Got News For You’, says Paul
Merton, you’re an embarrassement.
Not only did no one ever vote for Fradley’s councillors, it is
now alleged that they think they are completely ‘untouchable’.
Residents will have to pay thousands for parish
elections that never were . . . or will they?
Comeuppance - last month author
Martin Ryan’s brutal class teacher
was locked in combat with the
headmaster - the head had burst in
to find the lecherous Christian
brother Leo screaming maniacally
and slashing at pupil John Brown’s
bleeding palm with a cane . . .

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