W Abrasives Development of Premium for Fasterners with



W Abrasives Development of Premium for Fasterners with
W Abrasives
Development of Premium for Fasterners with
Fosfantartiglio is the biggest job coating facility in Europe for the anticorrosion
coating of fasteners (screws and bolts). There are 3 main lines equipped with 15
blasting machine from Tosca.
The coating which has been applied is a lamellar zinc coating under licensees from
NOF Metal coatings (Dacromet, Geomet) and Dörchen.
Prior to coating, a surface preparation is mandatory.
Fosfantartiglio was using S70 till May 2011.
Due to quality complains (locking of clamp on body screw), we decided with
customer to use Stelux C10, our Stainless Steel on one of its 3 lines. Quality issues
had been significantly reduced and customer was happy.
Nevertheless, in order to completly solve the quality issues and to optimize total cost
of blasting, W Abrasives decided to develop a Premium for Fastener called PF180.
Thanks to a customized particle size distribution and additional treatments, PF180
was able either to solve the quality issues and to reduce overall cost of treatment
(blasting and coating).
After trials done with customer in Le Cheylas’ Test Centre in France to compare
PF180 to S70, customer decided to test this new solution on one of its production
Following very good results and after only one month, customer decided to use this
premium on all its production lines.
Following this success story, solution had been presented and tested by other job
coaters in Italy. We have now 4 regular customers in Italy and have started tests in
other countries.
W Abrasives
From left:
Domenico Bozza: Quality Control Manager - Fosfantartiglio
Ennio Torrigliani: Sales Director - Milgrandi
Fabio Grassi: Owner, Managing Director - Fosfantartiglio
Sandro Carraro: Agent Milgrandi
W Abrasives

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