Bouldering at Amsterdam



Bouldering at Amsterdam
Bouldering at Amsterdam
Year 2009
In the Year 2009 I was in the following Climbing Hall. But there was also a boulder section in the
Hall. Because of the bad weather I couldn't examine the Outdoor section for bouldering. Here the
Klimhal Amsterdam
Naritaweg 48
1043 BZ Amsterdam
31 (0)20 6810121
From Amsterdam central station, take the train to the NS Station Sloterdijk.
Here some pictures from the Inside of the Hall.
That's all for this moment.
Year 2013
In the Year 2013 I was back in Amsterdam, but in a different Climbing Hall. At the Hall there was
also a boulder section. Here the address:
Klimmuur Centraal
Diijksgracht 2
1019 BS Amsterdam
31 (0)20 4275777
From the Hotel Krasnapolsky at the Dam it is the following Map:
As you can see at the Map, the Klimmuur is near the Amsterdam central station.
Leave the hotel and turn right around the Mall and walk the street all the way down.
Down till you reach the Hotel Victoria at the corner of the street.
From the hotel go to the right direction , pass the Golf- Ball and go down to the bridges before the
central station.
Cross the bridge and walk to the Hilton Doubletree or Starbucks.
Walk down the street and pass the Bibliography and the Conservatory.
At the end of the street there is a bridge, cross that bridge and there you are.
The entrance is at the side. When you enter, there is a little store with lots of climbing stuff before
the desk.
Pictures from the resting and the cloth- changing place.
Pictures from the climbing area.
Finally the Boulder area.