Life is better at the lake.


Life is better at the lake.
A little more about our
Pontoon Floats
Two models to choose from
NHC-12 rated at 65 lbs/linear foot.
NHC-22 rated at 130 lbs/linear foot.
Both models come in any length
Our Pontoon Float is manufactured
using a robust polyethylene shell then
filled with polystyrene foam.
Ultimate Marine Solutions
• Manufacture and sale of floats,
pontoon docks, floating docks,
footbridges, and platforms.
• Design assistance to create your
perfect waterfront paradise.
• Supplier of a wide range of
accessories including galvanized
corner supports, bumpers, railing,
ladders and more.
Why choose Ultimate Marine
Solutions to build your dock?
• Our products stay in the water
or ice − year round! (refer to
warranty info sheet for details)
• Two year warranty on our dock
systems plus a 25 year warranty
on our floats.
• Unsinkable when compliant to
load capacity.
• Use our pontoon dock as a barge
or as a recreational watercraft!
Ultimate Marine Solutions
Box 484
Dalmeny, SK Canada S0K 1E0
Phone: 306-290-4074
Fax: 306-254-4941
Toll Free: 1-844-356-2810
Email: [email protected]
Life is
better at
the lake.
Either of these dock systems can be customized to fit
your needs.
We have two basic types of docks; a pontoon dock is a
dock that can be propelled by a motor to act as a barge
to haul equipment or as a recreational watercraft in
calm waters.
Our dock system is completely versatile. Join a
pontoon dock to a floating dock and you have the best
of both worlds. You will not find a more sturdy dock.
A floating dock is a fixed dock that sits upon the
polyethylene pontoons and is anchored to the
Our floating docks stay in the water year round! Yes –
that’s 12 months a year – with no need to pull it out like
other dock systems*.
We offer a comprehensive 2 year warranty on our dock
systems plus a 25 year warranty on our floats – the
longest warranty in the industry.
*Refer to warranty information sheet.
Discuss proper winter storage techniques with our sales
representatives. Applications may vary.
Safety, Durability,
Quality, Versatility
We use our Pontoon Float to create our floating and
Pontoon Dock™ systems.