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Full page photo - Premier Handling Solutions
Dock Traffic System/s
Our Dock Traffic Systems feature flashing red and
green lights, which prevent accidents and injuries
by providing clear communication between dock
personnel and the truck drivers outside. Built-ineyebrow type sun visors increase light visibility.
LED model never needs bulb replacements. Deluxe
model 0013-DTS-10 consists of one yellow aluminum
traffic light with both a green and red lens (for
outside), and an illuminated push-button control (for
inside). Light measures 11” W x 20” H and features
an 8” hood over each lens (recommended for west and south exposure). 60 Watt 115
volt AC power needs. Four procedure signs are included
Economy, model 0013-DTS-5, comes with two yellow polypropylene traffic lights,
each having a green and a red lens. The light containing a push button is placed
inside the dock area for the dock attendant, and the other is placed outside for the
truck driver. Four signs are included in this package.
Dock Barricades
Designed to Prevent Loading Dock “Run Off’s”
(for 8-10 foot wide doors)
The Dock Barricade
represents the next generation of innovative
Loading Dock Safety Systems.
Electrical/Hydraulic power units provide quick
and effortless operation. Stops a 4,000 lb fork
truck (loaded at 4K) at 4 mph. Electric operation
features 115 volt single phase motor, 24 volt control,
and electric bumper-style safety stop circuit to sense
obstructions when lowering. Installation is simple,
anchor the unit to the floor, mount the control on the
wall, and then plug in. Mechanical unit, model 0013DJG-100-MW, features a manual hand crank winch to
raise/lower barricade arm.
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Dock Bug Screen Doors
Improve employee comfort while increasing productivity. Use at loading docks,
garages, and food processing facilities. Keeps birds, flies, moths, mosquitoes,
wasps, and other insects out while providing fresh air ventilation, sunlight, and
increased security. Constructed of durable all weather
vinyl coated polyester that is fire retardant as well as
mildew and UV resistant. Easy to install and operate.
Operation involves a simple manual roller and track
system that allows the screen to slide smoothly from
side to side, or an easy roll up and down system that is
available spring loaded or motorized for less manual
Series 0013-DBS-XX-ITM-W is 115 volt, single
phase powered with a standard 6 foot cord to be hard
wired in.
Add color to suffix of model numbers. Colors shown maybe slightly
different from the colors illustrated.
Contact factory for other color request.
Dock Loading Lights
Loading Dock Lights minimize freight damage while expediting the loading and
unloading operation/s. These simple items provide uniform visibility inside trailers or
around dock areas to keep things visible. All Dock Loading Lights are UL listed.
Incandescent Lights: good color, low replacement cost, cold environment use.
Halogen Incandescent Lights: better efficiency, longer service life, less light depreciation over time
Ryton Composite: cool to touch, incandescent lamp head or fluorescent lamp
head, includes bulb and head.
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