Read an extract... - Peoples Book Prize


Read an extract... - Peoples Book Prize
To my godchildren, Poppy and Hank Spaceman x A.N.
To my wife, family and friends. Thank you. A
First published in 2015 by Fat Fox Books Ltd.
Fox’s Den, Wickets, Frittenden Road, Staplehurst, Kent TN12 0DH.
ISBN: 978-0992872878
Fat Fox and associated logos are trademarks and/or registered
trademarks of Fat Fox Books Ltd.
Text © Annabelle Neilson 2015.
Illustrations © Astro 2015.
The right of Annabelle Neilson to be identified as the author and
Astro to be identified as the illustrator of this work has been asserted.
A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.
All rights reserved.
Printed and bound in Slovenia.
I am the angriest of the Me Me Me’s.
Anger is all I ever show,
It never wants to let me GO.
I bang the walls and pull my hair,
I shout and scream without a care.
Anger makes my world go RED.
My eyes swell up – I grab my head,
I search around for things to tear,
To break, or stamp on, everywhere.
Every day, I’m always CROSS.
My rage takes over, he’s the boss.
I feel a dark cloud overhead,
As soon as I get out of bed.
I sleep onboard a ROCKET ship
On which I’ll chart a space-bound trip
But when I woke from my bed today
My shoes I found had run away.
So Angry Me searched everywhere
And in his hunt, he missed a stair
Down he went, he took a tumble
Shouting, falling, with a GRUMBLE.