How to Cook and Peel the Perfect Hard


How to Cook and Peel the Perfect Hard
How to Cook and Peel the Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg
Step 1:
Step 2:
saucepan with lid
slotted spoon
baking soda
Choose the eggs and
remove them from the
refrigerator for about 10
Put eggs in saucepan
and cover with water.
Step 5:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Add a teaspoon of
baking soda. This will
prevent eggs from
Place saucepan on
stove and turn it on to
medium-high heat.
Step 6:
Step 7:
Step 8:
Let eggs sit covered
with lid for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, put ice
in a bowl, and fill with
Remove eggs with a slotted
spoon and place them in
the iced water until they are
completely cooled. That
will make peeling the eggs
Step 10:
Step 11:
Then crack the smaller
Peel the eggs, and enjoy
a delicious, healthy
When water starts to boil,
remove saucepan from
stove. Cover with lid.
Step 9:
Crack the larger end of
the eggs first by tapping
it on a hard surface. An
air bubble usually forms
there and helps the
peeling process.
How to Cook and Peel the Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg
People will learn how to properly cook and
peel the perfect hard-boiled egg.
Learning Theory
This design follows constructivism learning
theory. Learners will actively engage in the
task as they create their own meaning.
One in six Americans suffer from hunger and
are micronutrient deficient. Eggs are rich in
micronutrients and are a cheap source of
Anyone, from college students, to pregnant
women, to active adults, to those who watch
their diet, would benefit from this lesson.
This instruction is intended to show the basic
skills to cook hard-boiled eggs.
Learners will follow a series of steps
displayed by visual images and text
instructions supplemented by audio.
General Learning Expectations
Learners will be able to cook and peel
correctly hard-boiled eggs.
Learning Goals and Objectives
At the end of this instruction, students will be
able to successfully:
G.1. Cook hard-boiled eggs perfectly
O.1. Learners will be able to choose
correct eggs.
O.2. Learners will be able to prepare
ice bath to cool egg.
O.3. Learners will be able to place
eggs at room temperature in pot with water.
O.4. Learners will be able to boil
eggs without cracking them.
O.5. Learners will be able to peel
perfectly hard-boiled eggs
Learning Activities and Assessment
1. Learner will view the printed or online
visual and text instruction materials along
with the audio instructions.
2. Learner will use the food materials along
with the visual, text, and audio instructions to
construct each stage of the boiling egg
3. Learner will present perfectly cooked eggs
to instructor for assessment.
4. Instructor will either approve or disapprove
the outcome after peeling and eating the egg.
Perfectly cooked eggs should peel easily;
have no cracks, no gray ring around yolk,
and no crumbly yolk. Instructor will provide
5. Learner will peel and consume hard-boiled
6. If egg does not peel properly, has any
cracks or gray circle around yolk, learner will
repeat task.
7. Learner will repeat process two more times
to show mastery of the boiling, peeling, and
eating process.
Completion Outcomes
The main outcomes are: proper cooking of
hard-boiled egg, proper peeling, and the
ability to repeat process three times
indicating mastery.
Technology Required
Learners will have access to any electronic
device to view visual and text instruction
along with audio (speakers if needed).
Instruction and assessment should take
between 20-30 minutes.
Assessment Rubric
Learners followed instructions step by
Learners made corrections based on
instructor feedback.
The hard-boiled eggs did not crack
during boiling.
The hard-boiled eggs were peeled
The hard-boiled eggs did not have a
gray circle around the yolk.
General Feedback
Did you feel you learned and accomplished
the objectives?
Were the visual and text instructions clear
and easy to follow?
Was the audio clear without any distractions?
Were your questions answered by your
Instructor Assessment
Does the instructor feel that you learned and
accomplished the objectives?

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