Warm/Cool Humidifier


Warm/Cool Humidifier
A good sleep goes a longer way...
w i t h
i o n
e x c h a n g e
fi l t e r
Effective relief for dry nose, throat,
lips and itchy skin! Emits warm or
cool mist, helping you breath easier
and sleep more comfortably.
• Dual function - warm and cool mist
• Digital display shows operating conditions
• ION exchange filter effectively reduces
creation of white powder
• Split nozzle - 360° adjustable direction
• Ultrasonic generator
• Ultra-quiet operation
• Overheating protection
• Energy saving efficient
• Cleaning brush included
Rated Voltage
Power Consumption
Humidity Output
Volume Capacity
Dimension (mm)
Applicable Area
AC 220 - 240 V
85 W
250 ml/hr max.
3500 ml
185 x 204 x 340
2.9 kg
25 m2
Ultrasonic Dual Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier with
ion exchange filter is a digital unit that uses highfrequency vibrations to generate micro-fine mist
and when emitted into an indoor environment
evaporates immediately. The option to choose the
pre-heating function generates the mist emitted at
a pleasant warm temperature.
Comfort & Climate
• Choice of cool or warm humidification
• Powerful and replaceable demineralization
cartridge with silver treated housing
Water & Hygiene
• Ion exchange filter system controls microbial
growth for up to one year of continuous use
• High-frequency vibrations destroys most bacteria
and viruses
• Pre-heated water eliminates bacteria and viruses
Energy & Performance
• Hygrostat and mist
output regulator for
controlled humidification
• Intelligent Temperature
automatically regulates
the output to create the
most comfortable
relative humidity that is
adjusted to the
temperature in your room
• Auto mode: the unit pre-determines a
comfortable night humidity level