360 Mist (ZorbMax)


360 Mist (ZorbMax)
360 Mist (ZorbMax)
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Only once every decade or so, a product comes along that is so different, so revolutionary,
and so transformational that it baffles medical science and changes an entire industry.
360 Mist™, with its patent-pending ZorbMax™ technology, is that kind of product. ZorbMax is an
accomplishment of decades of research on nano-sized electrolytes and is globally exclusive to
LiveSmart 360. This combination of nano-sized, supercharged electrolytes enhances the cellular
uptake of oxygen, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and all nutrients. When taking a before-and-after
blood test, the results are visible under a microscope in about two minutes. Most microscopists,
seeing such results for the first time, are shocked both at the dramatic results and the speed at which
they occur.
Most dietary supplements on the market can't be absorbed properly by the body. The
Physician Desk Reference states that our body absorbs a mere 20 to 30 percent of pills
and tablets.
Every cell in your body depends upon your red blood cells to supply oxygen, hydration, and nutrients
to each one and to take away exhaust gases (such as carbon dioxide) and waste products.
Truly, “the life of the flesh is in the blood.” It stands to reason that the healthier and more robust your
blood is, the better the chances are that your body’s cells will be healthy and robust as well, thus
translating into improved health and vitality.
Unfortunately, our modern diet and culture have left most of us with blood that is comprised of
"collapsed" red blood cells that stick to one another and move rather sluggishly through our systems.
Chances are, you are one of those so affected. If that does not change, this condition will have a
negative effect on the way you feel and the way your body functions.
Enhance the uptake of vitamins, macro and micro nutrients, proteins, and other essential nutrients. All
nutrients require the action of minerals for utilization, particularly their electromagnetic energy.
Minerals (as electrolytes) are literally the “spark plugs” for your body.
Increase oxygen uptake at the cellular level. Every cell of your body must have oxygen on a regular
basis or it will suffocate and die. When oxygen is withheld or is in short supply, deprived cells weaken
and become susceptible to pathogenic attack and even death. ZorbMax, the active ingredient in 360
Mist, re-inflates the red blood cells (the ones whose job it is to transport oxygen and nutrition to all
the body’s cells), increases the speed at which the blood can flow through the body, and facilitates
the uptake of oxygen from the red blood cells into the body cells at the point of contact.
Help re-establish healthy pH levels. It is a fact of aging that the body’s overall acid-alkaline balance
(pH) of the tissue fluid changes from more alkaline to more acidic with advancing years. Also as we
age, the debilitative diseases we face typically thrive in an acidic environment. Among other factors,
this balance is also controlled by minerals, particularly in electrolyte form. Therefore, the ZorbMaxinfused 360 Mist can have a profound effect in tilting the pH balance toward a healthier alkaline level.
Raise osmotic pressure levels of cells to keep them strong. In addition to re-inflating and spacing
blood cells away from each other, ZorbMax helps induce a proper electromagnetic charge, which in
addition to supporting a healthy pH, gives cells a strong cell wall and helps them retain a buoyant and
healthy round shape.
From Dr. Shawn Mueller
Dr. Mueller is a Doctor of Sports Medicine who has dedicated the past 12 years of
his life to cellular hydration research.
ZorbMax technology is the pinnacle of his discoveries.
His research has led him to study electrolytes and their specific effects on the red
blood cells’ ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients.
Hvordan brukes ZorbMax?
ZorbMax inneholder 11 naturlige mineraler. Mineralene er superladet med ioner ved hjelp
av en patentert prosess.
Ristes før Bruk. 4 spray under tungen 3 ganger daglig.
ZorbMax virker i 5 timer.
Før ZorbMax.
Etter ZorbMax.
ZorbMax er en patentbeskyttet sammensetning av superladete spormineraler. Når kroppens celler
opptar ZorbMax, vil disse essensielle mikropartiklene overføre energi til blodcellene og gjenopprette
den elektriske overflatespenningen i hver enkelt blodcelle bare på noen minutter. Dette gjør at
cellene hydreres og skilles, slik at de fritt og uten å klumpes kan transportere mer næring og oksygen
til hver eneste del av kroppen. Samtidig økes blodcellenes effektivitet kraftig når det gjelder å frakte
avfallstoffer ut av kroppen
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www.livesmart360norge.no og www.livesmart360.com/BRUKERNAVN
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