The law of the Minimum PDF - Performance Nutrition Fertilizers


The law of the Minimum PDF - Performance Nutrition Fertilizers
The Father of the Fertilizer Industry,
NutriSmart® and The Law of the Minimum
Is your crop health limited by the least
present nutrient in your soil?
In the 17th Century, a German chemist named Justus von
Liebig theorized that in agriculture, if one of the nutrients
needed by a plant for optimum yield is deficient or lacking,
plant growth will be poor even when all other elements
are abundant. If the deficient element is supplied, growth
will be increased up to the point where the supply of that
element is no longer the limiting factor. In other words, even
if all other nutrients are in sufficient supply, a plant can only
grow to the level that the deficient nutrient will allow.
To illustrate his theory, Liebig described a crop’s potential
yield as a barrel with staves of unequal length. The capacity
of the barrel is limited by the length of the shortest stave
because contents of the barrel spill out of the hole left at
the weakest point. Crop yield, or barrel capacity in this
example, can only be increased by lengthening that stave.
What does some centuries-old theory have to do with
modern crop management? It turns out, quite a lot. Liebig’s
theory became known as the Law of the Minimum. It’s still
in use today and is the basis for all fertilizer formulations. As
for Liebig, he is now considered The Father of the Fertilizer
New research shows that the Law of the Minimum applies
specifically to the balancing nature of NutriSmart® from CK
LifeSciences. A patented, environmentally friendly granular
eco-fertilizer and humate soil amendment, NutriSmart
contains beneficial microbes that fix nitrogen from the
atmosphere, solubilize phosphate and unlock potassium
from the soil. Its ‘smart technology’ creates a balance of
nutrients. In effect, NutriSmart is an example of the Law
of the Minimum in action as it mediates the uptake of
nutrients and micronutrients into the plant and keeps them
in sufficient range. By applying NutriSmart, the plant is fed
what it needs when it needs it. All staves are level. The plant
is positioned for optimum health.
Benefits of NutiSmart
Tissue Test Results for Corn
Very High
NutriSmart® is an
environmentally friendly
microbial fertilizer that
contains yeast with the ability
to fix nitrogen from the
atmosphere, and “unlock”
phosphate and potassium
from the soil.
NutriSmart can replace 2025% of granular fertilizer
applications. It’s an
economical, environmentallyfriendly, and effective source
of plant nutrients.
A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, Inc., Fort Wayne, IN
7/22/13 growth stage silking
NutriSmart contains
Leonardite- an excellent
source of carbon and humates
– to enrich the soil and
support healthy populations
of beneficial microbes.
NutriSmart customers know it
improves CECs.
NutriSmart works for up to 5
months delivering controlled
release nitrogen when plants
require it.
NutriSmart holds water and
nutrients in the root zone,
making it ideal to use in areas
subject to droughts. Water
lasts longer!
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