Take Care of Your Landscape during Spring Season


Take Care of Your Landscape during Spring Season
Take Care of Your Landscape during Spring Season
Your landscape needs special care during spring season as chilling winter might have harmed your
plants and make them look gloomy. But with some care from professional Landscaping Victoria, you
can make your landscape look beautiful than ever after then winter season is gone and spring is here.
If your landscape is not yet five years old then you should use a fertilizer so that there is a better growth
of plants throughout the season. All of the newly placed shrubs, lawns and annual need nutrients so as to
firm their roots in the soil. Choose Bendigo Gardens and a best fertilizer which allows a slow yet
gradual release to give balanced nutrients to the plants. Evergreen trees need a fertilized meant for acid
loving plants.
Landscapers should not overlook the importance of fertilizers for the healthy growth of the plants in
landscape. Even if your landscape is well-established and does not seem in the need of fertilizer then
even you apply fertilizer in a right amount and at the appropriate time of the year. Remember that
unwise use of fertilizer in wrong quantity and at the wrong time will only harm your landscape. You
must choose the services of Turf Bendigo for best suggestions. If your plants and trees have had any
kind of problem of in the past, then it is the right time when you can treat them. Using an appropriate
product, the problem can be solved. You should consider the growth of your plants’ growth so as to
decide the need of fertilizer and how it can improve the performance of plants. Trees and shrubs that are
not showing desired growth lack nutrients and fulfill this need by applying fertilizer during spring
season. It is important to go through all the details of the product prior to applying them or you can take
help from Landscaping Bendigo specialists.
Other than trees and plants your lawn also need special care during spring season. After the long chilling
winter season, start the work on your lawn by removing any thatch built up if any. Thereafter let your
lawn breathe by using the services of Landscape Gardeners Bendigo so that it absorbs water and
Now nourish the lawn by applying fertilizer that releases slowly. You should choose a fertilizer
containing balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. The excess ration of nitrogen makes
your plants look a flush of green but it is not recommended for the overall health of the lawn. Remove
weeds from the lawn using a fertilizer. You might need to apply fertilizers tow times before the
beginning of hot summer months. You should follow all the instructions of Gardening Services
Bendigo carefully on the product to get maximum result.
In the last, your tools that you use to maintain your lawn also need maintenance after sitting in the
garage or shed throughout the winter. Check all the tools, hoses and nozzles before you start using them

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