YEVO International Food Company


YEVO International Food Company
YEVO International – Food MLM
Launching February 1, 2015
Meet YEVO’s Executive Team
David Brown - CEO (picture on page 2)
• 1 Million Dollar Equity Investor.
Attorney. Speaks fluent Japanese.
• CEO LiveVantage, maintained a 300%
per year growth rate: 11M 1st year,
38.9M 2nd year, $126 million 3rd year
Gene Tipps - COO
• Tahitian Noni, Agel, Zrii, LifeVantage,
Opened 40 countries for Noni
Jason Domingo - Master Distributor
• 1 Million Dollar Equity Investor.
• Master Distributor at Zrii and LifeVantage
Pictured above: Peter Castleman, Founder and
Chip Marsland, Chief BioTech Engineer
Peter Castleman - Founder
• 58, graduated Duke University
• Bought 11 plus companies and turned
them into Billion $ brands - NorthFace,
Hawkeye, EON Labs, Herbalife, STR
Holdings, Igloo, Caris Life Sciences,
DermOne, AppStar, and many others.
• Grew a company to $50M/year and sold
to Nuskin, this became Pharmanex which
NuSkin grew to almost $1 Billion/year.
• His investment group bought Herbalife at
$700-800Million/year and within 5 years
grew to over $3 Billion/year.
• Dream has been to start his own network
marketing company with its own culture,
and mission with a passion for health, and
thus YEVO International was created.
• $750 Million in funds available for
developing manufacturing and networking.
Thomas Mclamore - Consultant
• Analyst, UC Berkley Grad, Computer
Science, Built Amway's Call Center System,
NuSkin's ERP System, and many other
established company systems with over
1 billion in annual sales.
• Korean, and is fluent in both Korean and
Kirby Zenger - Chief Sales Officer
 Works closely with David Brown.
 LifeVantage Executive Vice President
 Executive VP / General Manager Zrii
 Vice President Global Sales for Young
Living Essential Oils
 General Manager of North America
Synergy Worldwide.
 Kirby’s demonstrated achievements in
strategic planning and leadership
development, provides a strong
foundation for YEVO International.
Scientific Advisory Board:
Dr. Stacy Bell Ph.D, - Nutrition
Dr. Raymond Rodriguez Ph.D, - Molecular
& Cellular Biology
Dr. Robert A. DiSilvestro Ph.D, - Professor
of Human Nutrition
Pei-Ra Ling, M.D., M.S., - Assistant
Professor of Medicine, Peking Union
Medical College
YEVO Highlights
• PRELAUNCH - 11/19/2014
• Home Office - Lehi, Utah
• Launching in USA, Mexico, Japan & Korea
within 18 months.
• 95,000 square ft. manufacturing facility in
Reno, Nevada, nicknamed “the Beehive,”
where there will be a YEVO restaurant,
meeting rooms, tasting area & YEVO store.
• 50% of 43 essential nutrients per serving
 2 year shelf life
 2 patents
 500 calories or less per serving
 shipping cost will be low due to
lightweight product
 Foods come in a dehydrated/freeze
dried form, water only need be added
heated or not.
 Cost per serving approximately $3.50-$4
 2 servings a day provide 100% daily
needed essential nutrients
 Not in canisters. Will be packaged in
individual and family size servings.
David Brown - Pictured Above
Food Comparison :
Todays’ Oatmeal is mostly carbohydrates.
YEVO’ oatmeal has 26 grams of protein
(equivalent to a 16 ounce Rib-eye) 1 ½
grams of Omega 3s (4 cod liver oil capsules),
11 grams of fiber (2 cups of Broccoli) and
provides 50% of the 43 Essential Nutrients.
Feb 1, 2015 go to market strategy –
The most important meal of the day……
Launching with Oatmeal, Apple Cinnamon
Oatmeal, Breakfast rice, vitamin coffee and
vitamin tea.
More than 100 additional options, like Mac
& Cheese, Mashed potatoes, red beans &
rice, Sauces, Soups, and many more will
with the 43 essential nutrient rich sauces,
like peanut sauce, Alfredo sauce and
Marinara sauce.
The Beginning Of YEVO:
• Chip Marsland, and Peter Castleman
consider YEVO their lifetime work, and
partnered over 4 ½ years to bring this
company to fruition.
The Problem YEVO Solves:
• Together they have developed over 100
common foods we enjoy often with the
added foundational quality of providing the
43 Essential Nutrients our bodies need
every day including our Macro and Micro
nutrients, omegas, protein & fiber. Product
lines will continue to grow and will always
be made from whole food ingredients.
• Peter projects that YEVO International
will be a 20 Billion to 200 Billion dollar
brand within 3 years.
 For those who love to build with home
events, this product line is going to be
a great opportunity to promote, because
everything is so delicious!
• YEVO will have top Chefs, some from
the Chef Channel, on our website, and
videos, walking through preparation of
creative recipes. They will show how
quickly and easy it is to make gourmet
dishes for those who want to be more
creative and use the foods in their favorite
 Many different dishes can be made
Do these companies create good or bad
foods? Kraft, Coca Cola, PepsiCo Kellogg’s,
ConAgra, Nestle, Tyson, etc.
We do Great Extraordinary Foods. Why?
“I Believe in the Extraordinary…Everyone is
Important.” Peter Castleman
• The World Health Organization (WHO)
recommends a daily intake of 43 essential
nutrients for optimal health. These
essential nutrients are nutrients that your
body can not make. You must consume
them every day in your diet to properly
nourish your body. Many are overeating
unhealthy foods, and starving inside
because they are not getting these 43
Essential Nutrients which, when absorbed,
cause your body to signal your brain that
you are full. These 43 Nutrients ensure that
your cells are nourished, and they sustain
health, and promote growth. The mass
population is probably not even getting half
of their daily nutritional requirements, and
this foundational weakness is at the root of
many of the diseases so common today.
 US Health Care + 3 Trillion attributed to
bad food… World Health Care is
$85 Trillion
YEVO Vision:
To Reverse 100 years of bad foods
Even with current deep understanding of
Health and the Biotech Revolution with
advanced medicine, our quality of life is
Only 10-20% is related to genetics, 80% are
life choices which include:
Nutrition and Exercise
We have a product line which is an
Everyone, Every place, Every day product
FOOD is the Ultimate Annuity because we
all eat food daily…. 3x/day.
Humans need 3 things:
oxygen, water and nutrients
Nutrients Help You Grow, Live, Heal.
With 50% of 43 essentials in every serving…
Yes! We can change the world. Over a
Billion people need this food for Every Day,
Every Where, and Every Person.
Peter’s greatest fear is that….
We don’t dream big enough!
• Competition is Nestle and Proctor and
Gamble, and General Foods, etc..
“For many who work the next 6 months
very strongly, they will never need to work
again.” Peter Castleman
• YEVO has put massive resources into the
social sharing aspect of our product, and
opportunity… marketing tools, and
systems... social media friendly ... mobile
apps etc. This is an area that most other
MLM companies fail. We have experts on
board for this area alone.
• YEVO has invested in local marketing
companies to create localized and culturally
correct material, labeling etc. in every
country they launch in.
• No NFR business! - We will not be
shipping product from the USA when we
open a country, we will truly open the
country with in-house production,
warehousing, distribution, corporate
presence, support, logistics, marketing etc.
etc. in every country. This is huge for those
that do international business, you will
really appreciate it.
• YEVO Financing - $750 Million
More than adequate. This will be very
evident in the branding, websites, back end
software etc. It will be very evident the
company is not running on a shoe string
budget. Lack of funds is the biggest
contributor to those that don't make it.
• Corporate and product branding will
WOW - off the charts and will get people’s
Paradigm Shift is happening now:
Peter Castleman believes in Mega Trends
and feels that we are about to enter the
Golden Age of Network Marketing.
MLM is fantastic for this:
1) To empower people to succeed
2) Passionate about empowering people to
get 100% of all 43 essentials daily.
We are flipping the food Industry on its
Worlds #1 Class Manufacturing Facility
Best Quality and Innovation in Reno NV
YEVO Compensation Plan:
9 Bonuses
Unilevel with dynamic compression
$1 for $1 plan, no BV, CV, GV
Generational bonuses
Infinity bonus & global bonus pool
Retail and preferred customer weekly
 A simple and lucrative plan for every
What will determine our level of success to
make the 20 Billion to 200 Billion mark?
The quality of people we bring to our
business, and our work ethic when we start
our business.
YEVO International Prelaunch:
Prelaunch November 19 – January 31
During prelaunch we are building our
success teams. No product will be shipped;
no charges will take place until Feb 1, 2015.
Websites are in beta testing and
continuously updated, but are solely for
enrolling your business partners. Upon
official launch we can then refer customers.
As of February 1, 2015 credits cards will be
charged, and product will be shipped.
100's of industry leaders are getting this
We want those that have a higher level of
interest to raise their hands and let us
We are building our core team now and
look forward to hearing from you.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
committed citizens can change the world; indeed,
it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead
We know you still have questions and look
forward to hearing from you.
Please get back to the person who sent this
to you.
Thank you for your interest in YEVO.