Karma - Dolphin Bar and Cafe


Karma - Dolphin Bar and Cafe
By Chakris Srisuwan
Karma Shop
is a unique and
eclectic tropical
experience. It is
easily distinguished
amongst the street
with its exotic
bamboo and wood
crafted entrance.
To Thong Nai Pan Noi
Post Office
Fruit Shop
To Beach
Since the shop doesn’t have
any branches and is fairly
new, it can be only found on
the Island of Koh Phangan,
along the main road of
Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach.
Opening hours are from
12pm – 8pm everyday.
Once you enter the shop you
will immediately notice the
small but wide selection of
clothes, sarongs, bedspreads
and Buddha heads which
have all been collected from
throughout South-East Asia.
When you look around and
especially up, you can see
that there is a colourful
array of lanterns, wall
hangings and saris that give
a vibrant and enlarging feel
to the small room. Prices
range from 500 - 4000
Baht (local currency.)
The Jewelry prices can go
way over 400 Baht. There
is also a souvenir section
which include little bags,
window hangings,
bracelets, key-chains and
earrings. Everything in this
section ranges from 100 –
400 Baht.
I found that the staff at Karma are always friendly and keen on
helping any traveler because they always have maps, contacts
and directions at hand if you’re ever lost on Koh Phangan. They
will greet you when you enter, farewell when you leave but most
of all, they will make sure you enjoyed your visit.