Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds, CPA


Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds, CPA
Location, Hours & Contact Info
The Butler County Auditor’s Office
County Administration Building
130 High St
Hamilton, OH 45011
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm
Phone: (513) 887-3154
Fax: (513) 887-3149
Online: www.butlercountyohio.org
Email Contact is available on our website
One of the many responsibilities of the County
Auditor is to assess (or appraise) the value of
your property at least once every six years.
Property taxes help pay for government
services, such as schools, parks, and police
For Butler County, the next six-year reappraisal
is due for 2014 (payable in 2015).
Butler County consists of approximately 162,000
parcels, so reappraising every property can take
In fact, the process has already begun…
Phase 1 of the process is to take new street level
and aerial photos of each property.
With updated images, each property can be
more accurately appraised.
For our 2014 reappraisal, we have contracted
with Tyler Technologies, Inc. to take new street
level images of each property.
We have also contracted with Pictometry to
provide new aerial images.
Phase 2 is the “Verification” part of the process which applies the use of our
new images, along with GIS based technology, to allow for each property to
be reviewed (verified) for sketch, quality and condition accuracy.
If a sketch or data error is found, the parcel record can be sent to the field
with an assessor for an onsite review and correction.
Also during Phase 2, current market data & sales,
lease/rental & expense rates, and construction
costs & depreciation data will be analyzed.
Phase 3 of the process includes a final field review of
each property to determine if the newly calculated value
is appropriate or needs adjustment.
Once final values are determined, they will be
submitted to the Ohio Department of Tax
Equalization for approval.
Once approved, taxes will be calculated using those
new values.
The tax dollars generated from those new values
can then be distributed to the everyday services
that we benefit from.
• Between January 1st and March 31st of each year you
have an opportunity to file an Appeal Against the
Valuation through the
• If you succeed in getting your value lowered by the
BOR you will see a reduction in tax for that year.
• Once your value has been lowered by the BOR and if
the tax rate does not change in the following year(s),
you will continue to see a lower tax bill.
2011 Tax Year Rates – M56
Please visit our Levy Calculator on the Auditor’s website
for more detailed information about YOUR home
• The Homestead Exemption provides a
reduction in property taxes to any homeowner
who is a senior citizen (65 or older) or who is
100% disabled.
• Application Period: January through the first
Monday in June
• Current reduction for West Chester Twp.
Residents = -$501.60 Annually
• To receive the 2.5% tax reduction on your
current tax bill you must:
– Own and occupy your home as your principal
place of residence
– Only file on one home in the United States
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