Welcome to the City Hall


Welcome to the City Hall
Welcome to the City Hall
The City of Stockholm is pleased to invite you to a reception at the City Hall on Sunday 10 February 2013 at 14.45
(sharp) to greet you welcome to Stockholm, the Capital of Scandinavia.
The reception will be hosted by the President of the City Council, Ms. Margareta Björk. During the event you will also
meet Ms. Lotta Edholm, Vice Mayor for Schools and Education, Mr. Olle Zetterberg, CEO of Stockholm Business Region
and Ms. Emilia Wikström Melin, vice president of the Stockholm Federation of Student Unions. In the Blue Hall, venue
of the famous Nobel Prize Banquet, you will receive a brief introduction to the City of Stockholm and the importance of
Stockholm as an attractive international study destination. You will also get to listen to an experienced city guide telling
you about the City Hall and the story behind the Blue Hall. After the presentations all guests will be invited to a mingle in
the Golden Hall. The reception ends at approximately 16.30.
Please note! To enter the reception, you will have to present the official invitation card and an ID. The ticket is personal
and you will not receive a new one if you lose it. For questions or further information contact the international office at
your university.
The City Hall is situated on Hantverkargatan 1, a ten-minute walk from T-centralen (Stockholm Central Station).
Bus number 3 stops directly outside the City Hall at a stop called Stadshuset.
The City Hall
The City of Stockholm is governed from the City Hall, which is the main
symbol for the capital of Sweden. Around 200 politicians and civil
servants have their offices in this building. The tall tower, topped by three
crowns, the Swedish national coat of arms, rises 106 meters above the
The City Hall is one of Sweden’s most famous buildings, attracting close
to 400,000 visitors a year. The largest hall, the well-known Blue Hall
(Blå Hallen), is frequently used for receptions and special events, such as
the Nobel Prize Banquet which takes place on 10 December every year.
The Blue Hall is the largest banquet room in the City Hall. Original plans
called for the bricks in the hall to be painted blue but the architect had a
last-minute change of heart and chose to keep the natural red color of the
bricks instead. At this point, however, the name of the Blue Hall was so
firmly established that it was too late to change it and the name remained
despite the fact that the hall isn’t blue at all. With its 10,270 pipes, the
organ in the Blue Hall is the largest organ in Scandinavia.
Above the Blue Hall lies the Golden Hall (Gyllene Salen), seating over
700 people and named after the decorative mosaics made of more than
18 million tiles. The mosaics depict scenes from Swedish history.
The City of Stockholm in cooperation with:
Universities in collaboration

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