Matilda Dahlquist - Designer Matlida Dahlquist



Matilda Dahlquist - Designer Matlida Dahlquist
Matilda Dahlquist
Industrial designer
Stockholm furniture fair 2012
Från ett prunkande buskage hörs någon glatt sjunga i våryra.
Vems sång kan fylla vår glänta och oss om grönskans intåg bedyra?
På avstånd tycks det vara själva växten som så vackert sjunga.
Men står man riktigt nära ser man Talgoxen på kvisten gunga.
Froma luxuriant shrubbery someone sings joyful of spring.
Whosesong can fill the clearing and promise the season will greenerybring?
From a distance it seems that it’s the herbage conjouringthe beautiful singing.
But if you’re looking closely you’ll see,on the twig sits the Great tit swinging.
Aquatic Love
Formgiving process, fall 2011
Not even the windburned sailor can manage life in full storm alone.
Everybody needs a mermaid to distract them from the grey everyday life.
Find yours to share a glass of wine and be swept away from reality for a while.
Formgiving process, fall 2011
It’s much more fun to eat a monster than just regular food!
Kids often dislike to mix the food on the plate. Therefore this plate is divided in four sections.
Matmonstret also comes with matching cutlery and a glass.
Polaroid Sunglasses - Best under the sun competition, fall 2012
In 1937 the world both gained and lost a pioneer. Amelia Earheart’s bravery is an inspiration to all
of us. This is a salutation from one pioneer to an other, Polaroid to Amelia Earheart.
Light as air yet sterling as an aircraft these edgy aviators challenge you to spread your wings.
Workshop introduction course, fall 2007
When I was little and played with my toy horses, I always got frustrated with the fact that their legs were so unnaturally
stiff. So when I got the brief “make something fun on wheels”, Trotter popped into my head. When you drag Trotter
on the floor it trots like a real horse.
Hair dryer
Design methodology course, fall 2008
The task was to create a handheld tool for a brand of your own choice. I designed a hair dryer for
Braun with a magnet inside. This way the hair dryer becomes wall-mounted wherever there is a
magnetic surface and this way your hair-styling will be much easier.
On the backside of the hair dryer there is a hidden magnet. This allows the hair dryer to be wall-hung on any
magnetic surface, giving you free hands to style your
Decreasted angle
Decreasing the angle on the hair dyrers profile from the
classic 90° allowes it to be wall-hung.
A positive side effect is that it also gives a more ergonomic grip while using the hair dryer in your hand.
LED project, spring 2009
The task for this project was to design an armature with LED-light. I got my inspiration from the
Daddy-Long-Legs spider (with the Latin name Opiliones) and created a reading lamp that can be
both wall mounted and standing.
All LED-projects from this course was exhibited in Gothenburg at the electric fair “Elfack” 2009.
Body protector
In movement project, spring 2009
Body protectors is as important to wear as helmets while riding. Unfortunately they are not as frequently used. This is mainly because they are to uncomfortable, especially for women around the
breast area. When we got the brief “In movement”, I decided to do something about that problem.
I also wanted to put focus on the exterior of the vest since that today is rarely prioritized.
The inside of an body protector
consists of layers of foam plates.
Through deviding these plates on
the front vertically and by using a
flexible material, this body protector can easily expand around the
chest. This will make it both easier
to breathe and move.
Upholstery redefined
Visual communication, fall 2009
The task for this project was to transform furniture based on a concept. Everybody got the same
kind of cheap plastic chair to work with. I wanted to explore the relationship between furniture
and clothing.
How would furniture wear clothes, and can you wear furniture?
Bachelor project, spring 2010
Whether it’s accurate or not, there is a certain image connected to people who travel with caravans.
Caravans are for example rarely connected to active outdoor people, even though a caravan could
do a great job fulfilling a these peoples needs. In this project I asked myself the question why this
was and how I could change this. I worked with the caravan from the inside and out trying to go
through as many functions as possible, always with the free spirit of outdoor life in mind.
KABE Briljant
(KABEs smallest
Scale model
Front view
4500 mm
Water drainage
Couch + Table = Bed
2000 mm
1850 mm
- Storage for gear and clothing.
Back view
Solar energy
1850 mm
1000 mm
- Airlock
Green Sun solar panels are cheaper that regular
solar panels and comes in various colours. Not as
effective as them in direct sunlight, but more effective in cloudy weather. Many of the plates on the
caravan are Green Sun solar panels.
Airlocks are an old way of keeping cold from getting in to a house and also avoiding heat to get out
while opening the door.
If body heat isn’t enough to heat up the caravan,
just gather some wood and use the fire place. The
fireplace also gives heat to the stove and stove plate.
Matilda Dahlquist - CV
AdressFinn Malmgrens Väg 83
121 50 Johanneshov, Stockholm Sweden
Mobile phone
+46 (0) 767684422
[email protected]
Okt 2011 - Present
OSM Group, 20% Industrial designer, Stockholm
181010 - 260811
070611 - 010711 300810 - 081010
OSM group, Industrial designer, Stockholm
Semcon, Industrial designer, Göteborg
Norra Norr, Industrial designer, Stockholm
2011 - 2013 (expected)
Industrial Design Master Program
Kostfack, Stockholm
2007 - 2010
Industrial Design Bachelor Program
Lund University, Lund
Fall of 2010
Argumentation and debate, 15 hp
Negotiation rhetorics, 15 hp
Södertörn University, Stockholm
Adobe Creative Suite 5
Alias Studiotools (2008 and 2010)
Bunkspeed Hypershot
Stockholm Furniture fair 2012
Wood project exhibition at
Design centrum, Malmö 2008
LED-light exhibition at Elfack,
Gothenburg 2009
Milano furniture fair 2009
Bachelor exhibition at
Lund University building, Lund 2010
ReferenceJenny Lechner
[email protected]
Written reference on request.
Erik Petersén, Norra Norr
[email protected]
Written reference on request.
Patric Svensson
[email protected]
Written reference on request.
Other 2006 - 2007
Organizer of introduction for
Extra mathematics course etc. 2008
Industrial design and Architecture.
Uddevalla (Sweden)
2003 - 2006
Science program, Östrabo gymnasiet,
Swedish - Native, English - Fluent

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