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Unraveled - Museums of Old York
September 20 - December 6, 2014
Exhibiting Artists
Elizabeth Billings
New England
Fiber Art
Tunbridge, VT
Allison Cooke Brown
Yarmouth, ME
Katharine Cobey
Cushing, ME
Jodi Colella
Somerville, MA
Merill Comeau
Concord, MA
Samantha Fields
Brockton, MA
Sallie Findlay
Deer Isle, ME
Wylie Sofia Garcia
Burlington, VT
Lisa Grey
Portsmouth, NH
Sarah Haskell
York, ME
Priscilla Nicholson
Brunswick, ME
Elin Noble
New Bedford, MA
Michele Ratté
Saxtons River, VT
Opening Reception
Saturday, September 20, 5-7pm
Museums of Old York
Remick Gallery
3 Lindsay Rd. York, Maine
Warren Seelig
Rockland, ME
Adrienne Sloane
Lexington, MA
Melita Westerlund
Bar Harbor, ME
Katharine Whild
Gallery Hours
Thursday - Saturday, 10-4
Sunday 1-4
North Yarmouth, ME
Bhakti Ziek
Randolph, VT
September 20 - December 6, 2014
Contemporary New England Fiber Art
This exhibition brings together the work of 18 New England artists who investigate and
experiment with various forms of fiber in their artistic practice. While often paying homage to
textile traditions, the contemporary fiber artists take advantage of a wide range of materials
and techniques to create works that present their ideas, provoke commentary and pique visual
Related Programs
Sunday, October 5, 3pm
Merill Comeau Fiber Art Now: An Artist’s Perspective
Fiber artist Merill Comeau will present a talk on
contemporary fiber art and its place in the postmodern art movement. Contemporary fiber art
moves beyond aesthetic concerns to value the
physical, sensual properties of matter and explores
the cultural meanings of tangible things. Her talk will
be illustrated with slides and share autobiographical
impetus for her own artistic journey. (registration fee)
Saturday, October 25, 10-4pm
Katharine Cobey Culling the Greats
This knitting workshop is presented by Maine’s Master
Craft Artist Katharine Cobey. She is a frequent teacher
at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and has taught
and exhibited her knitted sculpture nationally. In this
day-long workshop she will share her knowledge,
secrets and resources covering a wide range of
techniques suitable to both novice and advanced
knitters. Become a more creative, expressive and
fearless knitter. (max. 20 participants, registration fee)
Curated by Mary P. Harding
George Marshall Store Gallery
Wednesday, November 5, 6pm
Lynne Zacek Bassett - ‘Herstory’ in Civil War Quilts
Lynne Zacek Bassett is an independent scholar
specializing in New England’s historic costumes
and textiles. Her lecture focuses on the quilts that
women created to declare their patriotism and
support their fighting menfolk, from the first call to
defend their country to the post-war ceremonies that
helped veterans to make sense of their experience.
(registration Fee)
Sunday, November 2, 3pm
Mary Harding My Fiber Road Trips
Tour the exhibition with Curator Mary Harding as she
shares how she went about gathering the works in the
exhibition. “It is always a privilege to visit the artists
in their studios and I look forward to sharing these
experiences with our visitors.” (free)
Artists Gallery Talks
Please check the Museum’s website for dates and
times for these occasional gallery talks by the
exhibiting artists. www.oldyork.org
Register for programs at www.oldyork.org
or call 207-363-1756.
With the support of Tom and Kate Cheney Chappell,
Tom Keyes, Keith Fox and visitors like you. Thank you.
Image: Details Merill Comeau, Mazie’s Bodice Ripper, 2013, 12’ w x 8 h’, Photo Credit: Susan Byrne Photography
Remick Gallery
3 Lindsay Road, York, Maine

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