Andarko Petroleum: Pipeline Restoration



Andarko Petroleum: Pipeline Restoration
Case Study: Blue Butte Ranch – Gillette, WY
In October 2008, Anadarko Petroleum Corp used EarthGuard Fiber Matrix to help reclaim a newly laid pipeline
that could not be drill seeded. Based on past hydroseeding experiences in the area, the reclamation contractor
working for Anadarko anticipated only a 10% year-to-year re-vegetation growth success. Not only did
EarthGuard Fiber Matrix provide effective erosion control, but growth had occurred in that time frame. When
the site was visited in June 2009, the contractor estimated at least 70-75% growth on these slopes.
Unlike other spray-on product EarthGuard Fiber Matrix does not harden to form a crust that prevents seed
germination and growth. It also requires less fiber mulch which in turn absorbs less water giving vegetation a
greater chance of surviving.
Testing by the California Dept of Transportation has shown that our product was one of the few tested (including
blankets) with superior results. Applied, EarthGuard Fiber Matrix is less expensive than blankets.
EarthGuard is university tested and worksite proven and is typically used in the following situations:
Full Seasonal Site Winterization - Single Application
Reclamation/Slope Stabilization
Home Site Pad Winterization
Storm-by-Storm Erosion Protection
Fire Burn Rehabilitation
Day-to-Day or Extended Dust Control Protection
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