Skyfall - Ferag AG


Skyfall - Ferag AG
The third dimension
■ 60
years in Hinwil (Switzerland)
■ Leading
supplier of conveyor
and processing technology
■ Approximately
1000 employees
■ 8000
patents since
the company’s foundation
Company portrait
Ferag AG in Hinwil (Switzerland) has
in the distribution logistics sector. Recog-
cations are possible. Skyfall can be used
been the leading supplier of conveyor
nition of Ferag’s expertise as an innova-
in processing industries, in fashion, au-
and processing technology to the print
tive supplier of integrated conveyor lines
tomobile and food logistics, and also for
media industry for 60 years. Newspapers
has opened the door to all industries.
e-commerce applications.
are processed on Ferag installations each
Skyfall, the suspended conveyor system,
Together with WRH Marketing and
and every day. With huge experience
is a derivative of Ferag conveyor tech-
Denipro, Ferag is part of the Walter
in machine systems engineering, Ferag
nology, originally developed for the pro-
Reist Holding corporate group. The
is a true professional when it comes to
duction of print media. Skyfall is ideally
group is active throughout the world
realizing small- and large-scale projects
suited to distribution logistics outside the
and employs around 1000 staff.
and magazines running into the millions
graphical industry. Any number of appli-
■ 60
years‘ experience in
machine systems engineering
■ Vast
expertise in processing
and conveying
■ Maximum
■ Core
rails and shuttles
With 60 years‘ experience in machine
The best possible utilization of space
The core components of any conveyor
systems engineering, Ferag is a true
combined with fast cycle times make the
installation are the rails and shuttles. It’s
professional when it comes to realizing
systems exceptionally efficient. But one
here that Ferag’s vast experience comes
small- and large-scale intralogistics pro-
factor above all is central to what we do
into play and is mirrored in top quality
jects. Processing and conveying in the
and how we think. That is our focus on
with minimum wear. Select materials,
third dimension rank among the major
the customer, which is reflected in long-
based on experience in the high-per-
strengths of Ferag conveyor systems.
standing and successful partnerships.
formance sector, form the basis of every
Skyfall system.
■ Conveyed
goods weighing
up to 15 kg
The product range
Skyfall – conveying with gravity
SkyTrain – circulating conveyor
SkyLift – ascending and descending
Skyfall makes use of gravity and the third
The separate items are propelled within
dimension. The most varied items weigh-
the space to the end position, or trans-
Thanks to the three-dimensionality of the
ing up to 15 kilograms are conveyed on
ported to the next transfer – for ex-
rail profile, height differences can be sur-
rollers along a rail profile at a system
ample via a diverter into a matrix sorter
mounted with ease. Climbs and descents
speed of 10,500 articles an hour. Basic
or a buffer zone.
up to 90 degrees are no problem, and
functions include processes like sortation, accumulation or buffering.
make line layouts much easier.
■ 10,500
articles per hour
■ Climbs
and descents up to 90°
■ High
cycle times
and throughputs
■ Matrix
sorter with
high sorting performance
■ Unique
diverter with or
without drive
The product range
SkyQ – accumulation conveyor
SkySort – matrix sorter
SkySwitch – diverter
Goods are sent separately or in batches
For sorting (online) orders, the matrix
The diverter is a central connecting ele-
from the accumulation conveyor to the
sorter is used (e.g. 38 = 512 articles).
ment of any system. Depending on the
next conveying process at set intervals. If
Articles are sorted into batches and
order, it will assign the article to the
a powered version of the release mech-
transported to the corresponding pack-
correct lane (accumulation, sortation,
anism is used, above-average cycle times
aging station, according to the order.
can be achieved, along with throughputs
up to 10,500 articles an hour.
■ Automatic
or manual
pocket filling
■ Ergonomic
loading and
unloading station
■ Customized
The product range
SkyPost – feeding station
SkyCollate – receiving station
Here, for example, pockets are filled
The filled pockets are unloaded on the
from racks or gitterboxes and sent into
packaging line. This process is either
circulation. Filling is either manual or
manual or automatic.
■ Machine
systems engineering
■ Research
and development
culture of innovation
■ In-house
software and
hardware development
System solutions – seeing the big picture
Product development – innovation is our
Software development – success through
Our core competency is machine systems
state-of-the-art control concepts
engineering. We design efficient, indi-
For 60 years, we have been masters at
A skilled team of more than a hun-
vidually configured, integrated solutions
solving challenging tasks in conveyor
dred software developers takes care of
from the initial sketched idea through to
technology and process integration.
individual customer requirements with
the final installation. Our engineers are
On the conveying, sortation, buffering,
innovative, integrated solutions. With
specialists in all aspects of process inte-
order-picking and processing levels, we
the Navigator, we are setting new stand-
gration and conveyor logistics – on both
are market and technology leaders in the
ards in the visualization of industrial pro-
a small and large scale.
print media industry.
■ In-house
guarantees high quality
■ Specialized
in final assembly
and factory acceptance
■ Professional
management from A-Z
Manufacturing – maximum precision,
Final assembly – success through process
Project management – competent care
minimum lead times
until final acceptance
With state-of-the-art CNC machines,
Qualified specialists with decades of ex-
Our project managers act as the link to
we manufacture prototype components,
perience assemble components using
customers acquiring our technology and
small batches and one-off products at
state-of-the-art production equipment
monitor all installation steps from deliv-
minimum lead times. The principle “From
to guarantee compliance with our high
ery through to final acceptance. During
3D-CAD direct to the clamping table“
quality standards. Prior to leaving the
the project, the project manager is the
guarantees a high degree of flexibility.
factory, system components are assem-
central point of contact for customers,
bled and checked for correct function. A
and thus facilitates their day-to-day busi-
factory acceptance test, carried out with
the customer, is part of our handover
■ Guaranteed
service thanks
to a global sales network
■ High
availability of
service technicians
■ Local
contact partners
Our sales network
With more than 20 sales and service
companies throughout the world, we
guarantee direct on-site contact. Our
employees speak the local language and
are very well informed about local customs and culture. Service, spare parts
and sales are on call 24/7.
Unternehmen für Förder- und Verarbeitungssysteme
Ferag AG
Zürcherstrasse 74
CH-8340 Hinwil
Phone +41 44 938 60 00
Fax +41 44 938 60 60
[email protected]

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