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Destackers - WAYMAR Industries Ltd
WAYMAR Industries Ltd.
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Light Product Destackers
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WAYMAR Industries Ltd.
We custom design and manufacture a
variety of automated devices to dispense
light weight food related packaging.
- Dispensing food packaging products such as plastic
pots and containers, cartons, trays, sheet materials,
- Single presentation of lightweight products from
sheet materials to pottles, trays etc.
food grade materials and componentry, etc.
- Units can be individual/freestanding or mounted on
conveyors using standard components.
- Suited to single stations or production conveyor
- Simple installation
This air operated dispenser presents polystyrene
tiles at the push of a button.
Units include wheels and a handle for easy mobility
This dispenser is used for destacking both round and
- Standard Components
- Electro/Pneumatically operated semi and fully
automatic versions.
- Additional accessories include photoelectric light
sensing for conveyor systems, timers, gating
pneumatic cylinders etc.
square plastic pottles onto a conveyor.