BV-D6254GB Chain Conveyor


BV-D6254GB Chain Conveyor
Part of the Stock BMH Product Line
ings. For maximum strength and service life, the
links are heat treated and the flights are precision
welded to them. In each product, the same trademarks of quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness
maintain Stock’s reputation as a world class supplier.
Stock‘s product range is extensive and diverse.
Heavy-duty, gas tight and high temperature machines serve the chemical, cement, mineral processing and steel industries. Stainless steel clean
line machines are available for the food industry.
Stock’s world-leading, classic en-masse movement
system provides a unique method of conveying
bulk materials cleanly, gently and economically.
In virtually every industry, Stock Chain Conveyors are delivering robust, reliable performance over generations of use. They are used
for conveying bulk materials, including coal,
grain, gravel, ore and ash. Chain Conveyors
can also be used for heavy, lumpy materials
and are satisfactory for withdrawing a continuous uniform flow of material from hoppers or
storage bins. Capacities range from 10 tons to
a formidable 2000 tons per hour.
Stock offers both conventional drag chain and
en-masse chain conveyors. The selection of
equipment specification, machine sizing and
materials of construction is optimized for the
material and process condition. To ensure absolute quality control, Stock en-masse chains
are made from high tensile alloy steel forg-
• Totally enclosed dust-tight or even pressure tight.
• Easy to feed from multiple inlet positions.
• Easy to discharge from multiple outlet
• Minimal space profile.
• Best maintenance features of any chain
The resulting conveyor, re-named MC4000,
meets practical requirements and enhances
the reliability, performance and maintenance
that our customers demand.
Stock worked extensively with customers
worldwide to “build a better chain conveyor.”
This was done without compromise to the
distinct benefits of the conveyor:
All information is given without obligation. All specifications are subject to change.
Development of the MC4000
Capabilities of the
AF3000 Chain Conveyor
Design Features for the
MC4000 Chain Conveyor
• Chain carried on redesigned
and easily replaced manganese steel strip runners.
• New inspection doors ease access and improve installation speed.
• Unique manganese
wear strip inspection
• Unique and easy head
and tail access for easy
• Trailing wheels and
drive sprockets segmented and bolted to hub.
• Indexed guide for accurate tension adjustment.
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schenck process group
16490 Chillicothe Road
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023-4398
phone: 440.543.6000
fax: 440.543.5944
email: [email protected]
recent addition to
the range is the
AF3000 conveyor
specifically to handle
bulk waste products
plastic scrap. The
conveyor utilizes
a simplified construction arrangement and deep
UHMW flights to conveyor material into boiler
or other

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