Case Study: Calzedonia Spa



Case Study: Calzedonia Spa
Case Study: Calzedonia Spa
Solution Implemented
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Pebblestone Fashion
alzedonia is a manufacturer and
worldwide supplier of men’s,
women’s and children’s hosiery. The
company is directly represented in more
than 25 countries in five continents.
Calzedonia manufactures in more than
five countries, owns 800 stores and has
licensed 1200 franchised stores across
the globe.
Business Challenges
Maintaining three brands, Calzedonia,
Intimissimi andTezenis, the company’s
activities cover many areas, from design
and manufacturing, through wholesale
distribution, to retail operations and
franchising. Managing such a complex
international model creates many
typical challenges: compliance with
local statutory requirements, corporate
reporting and consolidation, local
language issues, multiple currencies, and
many more.
available in multiple colours and sizes.
These combinations can total several
thousand in each brand. Managing similar
numbers of combinations across all three
of Calzedonia’s brands is an enormous
challenge. The problem is further
exacerbated by the short life cycles of
the fashion industry. Every collection is
changed at least twice a year.
Business Challenges Solved
LLP approached these challenges in
two ways – first, by recommending a
solution both broad enough to cover all
of Calzedonia’s activities, whilst at the
same time possessing industry-specific
capabilities, secondly by developing
techniques to manage a diverse project
over a number of countries, maintaining
standard functionality in each location,
consistency and common corporate
accounting and reporting, and at the
same time meeting local requirements.
This secondary aim was resolved by
creating a core system both for
Managing a complex international model creates many typical
challenges: compliance with local statutory requirements, corporate
reporting and consolidation, local language issues, multiple currencies,
and many more.
In addition to these, there are a number
of industry-specific pressures. One
of these is the maintenance of a very
broad range of items organized into
different collections, with each item
Calzedonia Spa, cont.
manufacturing and distribution,
based on the ‘international’ version of
Microsoft Dynamics NAV. During each
‘roll-out’ the Calzedonia Core Version
is incorporated into the country’s local
version of Dynamics NAV, ensuring
compliance with local legislation. LLP
has sole responsibility for the creation
of the Core Version and for all rollouts, subcontracting local Dynamics
NAV vendors to ensure local support
in countries where LLP does not have
Benefits / Advantages
f Consistent solution for all Calzedonia
subsidiaries in multiple countries
f Easier and transparent maintenance of
the system
f Global corporate rules, and local
execution and support
f Consistent approach to local roll-outs
f Easier version control and upgrade to
new versions
f Industry specific solution
f Reduction of time spent on
direct representation.
processing orders and new collection
f Reduction of item lists through usage
of colour/size combinations matrix at
item level
Industry-specific issues were addressed
by using Pebblestone Fashion, a
specialized fashion add-on for Dynamics
NAV. This enabled Calzedonia to
eliminate a large number of items,
introducing in their place an item ‘matrix’,
available from manufacturing through
distribution to retail. This matrix makes it
possible to indicate at item level various
combinations of size and colour for
one and the same item. This effectively
means that Calzedonia can reduce
not only the number of items in their
system, but can also simplify the entry of
purchase orders, manufacturing orders,
sales orders and others, by selecting an
item and then specifying all quantities
for each colour/size combination in a
single line. This significantly accelerates
the introduction of new collections and
the processing or orders.
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