Growers passport


Growers passport
Kwekerij De
The Netherlands
Red, yellow, and green sweet
Kwekerij De Wieringermeer is a member of Harvest House, one of the Netherlands’ largest growers’ associations specialising in fruit vegetables. With
our group of skilled growers and employees, Harvest House stays on top of market developments and has the flexibility to respond to changes. This
specific product and market knowledge, combined with our ability to innovate, makes us the strong, collaborative partner we strive to be. Ultimately, this
approach means that not just we and our growers, but everyone can reap the best returns.
Red bell pepper
Yellow bell pepper
Green bell pepper
Mild, fragrant
Fresh flavour, firm
Spicy, firm
40 hectares
GlobalGap, Tesco Nurture, ISO9001
Kwekerij De Wieringermeer was founded in 2005, and it is situated in the northernmost part of
North Holland nearby the A7 motorway. The management consists of John Marrewijk Patrick
Grootscholten, Daaf Steentjes, and Arco Vreugdenhil. By combining special abilities with a
perfect division of labour, Kwekerij De Wieringermeer has rapidly developed into a renowned and
progressive sweet pepper producer. ‘We’re engaged in the present, but we’re ready for the future.’
Kwekerij Wieringermeer grows sweet peppers of different colours on 40 hectares of land.
‘Production and quality are our top priority with cultivation. The company is also working on new
market developments, such as processing water and waste into new energy. The core of Kwekerij
Wieringermeer’s working method is to cultivate products using the most biological methods
possible by using the natural enemies of pests, amongst other things. This method, in which pests
are used to control pests, is both efficient and environmentally friendly.
Kwekerij De Wieringermeer utilises geothermal energy for heating via the grid company Energy
Combination Wieringermeer (ECW) Geothermal energy is heat from the earth that is obtained
from a sand layer approximately 2,200 metres deep. The water that is brought to the surface
has a temperature of approximately 90 °C and can be used year-round. This makes geothermal
energy an ideal source of a basic energy need for a modern horticultural area, and it provides
heat for all the businesses in the region. This sustainable energy source also reduces dependence
on fossil fuels. ‘The end products of the ECW customers - various greenhouse vegetables, including
our peppers - can be made in an even more sustainable manner by using geothermal energy.’