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Indian Ed. News
B.P.S….A Road To Success
Bethany Public
Kent Shellenberger
Director of
Special Services
Dr. Mary Stevens
Indian Education
Randal Zotigh
Special Services
Debbie Shay
Road To Success is the theme for the 2006-2007 school year. I find
this to be a incredibly ambitious goal for the district as a whole. The
goal for the Indian Education program is to continue to grow our program
both in numbers and in services.
This year, we set out to look at new ways to reach our native population.
In so doing, we, the parent group and the staff determined that we should
reword information that has been sent to parents in reference to enrollment into our program. We looked at new ways to include and engage our
students beyond our current enrichment programs at the elementary level
and how to better work with the current after school program at the Floyd
Center. We have created a brochure for our program and have set up
booths at back to school nights and at conference nights.
Now, we are ready to embark on another new challenge. For this we need
input and assistance from the parents and the youth. We are challenging
the Native students to come together to form a Native American Club at
both the middle school and high school level. It is our hope, that by bringing your kids together, that an increase of involvement will increase their
academic scores and their willingness to become a stronger part of the district.
I have a desire to see this program flourish. The first step will be for parents to come to the meetings and share their vision. We only have our kids
for a short time. We need you to assist in insuring that their academic
years are memorable and successful.
Randal G. Zotigh
6721 NW 42nd Street
Bethany, OK 73008
(405) 499-4611
Spring 2007
High School Student
Bethany’s Indian Education program was developed to meet the needs of
our Indian population under the guidelines of the US Department of Education. The program has grown and changed through the years as we evaluated the program and new requirements were added by Washington. From
the beginning we have concentrated on the Indian students at Bethany Earl
Harris Elementary. Our largest population of Indian students is at the
elementary, but as the program has grown we have increased the services provided at the middle
Our current Indian Education program is multifaceted. For the elementary school it consists of a
liaison from the elementary school to the after-school program at the Floyd Center/Neighborhood
Center as well as other elements. Our liaison, Randal Zotigh, works with the Neighborhood Center
leaders to provide reading tutors to listen to students read for 20 minutes each day. Research
has shown that reading for 20 minutes daily will help improve student reading. Because the
Neighborhood Center has a large number of volunteers, with the liaison we are able to impact
many more students than we could get if we had to pay for an after school tutoring program. Mr.
Zotigh also helps to keep parents and students informed about the services of Indian Education.
In addition to the liaison the elementary program has 2 teachers for extended school day, a tutoring program for students who need instructional assistance in reading and math, and extended
school year, a summer camp that concentrates on expeditionary learning. These students receive
instruction in reading and math as they learn about Indian culture.
Our middle school program concentrates on extended school day and extended school year. Although the middle school program concentrates strongly on academics, we are working on starting an Indian Education Club to teach students about their culture. We provide the high school
students with information about scholarship opportunities. We also are working to begin an Indian Education Club at the High School. Randal Zotigh has been instrumental in starting the Indian Education clubs.
Dates to Remember
Parents Advisory Council Meeting- TBA
End of 3rd Quarter- March 16th
Spring Break- March 19th-23rd
Parent/Teacher Conferences- April 3rd and 5th
Snow Make-up Day- April 6
Snow Make-up Day- May 4th
Graduation- May 18th
Snow Make-up Day- May 25th
Memorial Day- May 28th
Snow Make-up Day- May 29th
Snow Make-up Day- May 30th
Parent/Teacher Conference Day– June 2nd
Spring 2007
Did you know?
Did you know that there are
121 kids currently listed on
the rolls of Indian
Did you know of those 121
kids, only 10 of those
households are represented
at the Parents Advisory
Council Meetings?
Earl Harris Elementary Happenings
One of the key components of the
Indian Education program is in the
Expeditionary Learning Program in
the elementary school.
The 1st quarter learning expedition consisted of working in the
butterfly garden. The premise behind this was so that the youth
could learn to appreciate nature.
Nature and the respect of it is part
of the native culture that is shared
by all tribes. It is the belief that we
should take care of the gift that
was given to us.
The 2nd quarter expedition
was to attend the Native
American Heritage Celebration at the State Capitol.
There were speakers present
for the event as well as traditional dances.
Fun and learning was shared
by all.
Don’t forget to plan on attending the Summer Expeditionary Camp
Spring 2007
Bethany Bronchos
Spring 2007
Did you know we offer tutoring everyday at the middle school with
the sole purpose to assist our youth?
Did you know that you do not have to be making a failing grade to
participate in this program?
Did you know that funds from Indian Education are used to offer
this service?
Come and take advantage of this opportunity to clarify questions
that you might have in your classes.
High School
Information pertaining to scholarships and financial aid is available
for all high school youth. We are working to get more information
pertaining to other educational opportunities.
We need a core group of individuals that would be interested in
working with starting a Native American club at the high school
Parent Portal
The Parent Portal is an excellent tool for monitoring your students progress and addressing issues before they get to the point that the school
calls you. The Parent Portal has information about:
Missing Assignments
Do you have your password? If not contact the administration office.
Parents, we are looking for your assistance in preparing programs for
the middle school and high school. We want to make an impact. But,
we cannot do it without your help. Please call us and volunteer your
time and talents. We need artists, storytellers, singers, dancers, cooks
and committee people. Please find time to help this program succeed.
We need you at the next parents meeting. Watch the mail for a postcard
with details coming soon.