promotions. "In this industry we've found you
get what you pay for," says Thiersch. Jennifer
Myers, a dermatologist in Youngsville, La., says
to think of it as you would a medical procedure:
"If you had to get a root canal, you wouldn't
choose a specialist based on how much he or she
charges; you'd go with the most experienced and
recommended person."
Take a good look. at yourselflfyou're contemplating semipermanently altering the shape
of your face with an injectable neurotoxin (like
Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin) or filler, ask yourselfwhy. Miami dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo
says, "Most people judge themselves based on
what they see when they stand an inch from the
mirror. But that's not what others see." She suggests having a friend snap a picture from the
distance people normally stand from you.
"Then look at that and decide." If you're at a
point where every time you see yourself, all you
can do is fixate on that tiny line between your
brows, then maybe it's time for a consultation.
Now that you've sussed out your medispa,
check it out in person and start prepping for
your treatment.
Go for a consultation Schedule an exploratoryvisit. This allows you to snoop around the
medispa from the inside without committing
to any services. "Law-compliant medispas will
schedule consultations before any treatment to
ensure you're a suitable candidate and that a
proper post-procedure plan is in place," says
Thiersch. "If you're able to schedule an appointmentwithout first meeting with a doctor, nurse
practitioner, or physician assistant, that's a red
flag." And don't be shy about asking questions,
says Dr. Myers: "Who does the injecting? How
often do I need to have the procedure done?
What can I realistically expect from the treatment?" Listen carefully to the answers. "If the
doctor or supervisor you're speaking with is
knowledgeable and can thoroughly explain
why the treatment is for you, then you're in the
right place," says Scott Wells, a plastic surgeon
in New York.
Quit If you decide to schedule a facial
treatment (like lasers or injectables), it's time
to give up cigarettes, even if you're not a heavy
smoker, says N.Y.C. dermatologist Neal Schultz.
"Smoking reduces circulation in the face by 40
percent and can also impair healing," he says.
5 Standout
Advanced Clinical Spa
From derm-darling
brand to medispa mecca,
SkinCeuticals's Southern
outpost partners with
Myers Dermatology
for Dysport, facials ,
and peels.
California Health
& Longevity Institute
Call it medispa 3.0: You
can get dermatological
procedures, plus
services in dentistry,
internal medicine, and
sleep assistance.
Cal-a-Vie Health Spa
Originally a high-end
cucumber-slices-over-theeyes kind of destination spa,
this center now offers
procedures like neurotoxin
injections and fillers twice a
week in addition to its vast
menu of spa delights.
col-o-vie. com.
This new center, created by
Dr. Ava Shamban, features
five services: microdermabrasion facials, peels, Botox,
laser rejuvenation
to tackle discoloration,
and radio frequency to
address skin sagging.
Beauty Rx Peel Bars
The concept !Jeels at a
reduced price {think $50
as opposed to $225).
Get a quickie treatment
for superficial resurfacing,
designed by Dr. Neal
Schultz, at the Peel Bar in
Greenwich, Conn., or N.Y. C.