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Pedalingand Pamperingin the heart of Quebec
By Michele Peterson
Spandexshorts,fiberglassbike helmetsand a willingness
bunkdownin a schoolgymnasium
not beenpartof the package.Untilnow.
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Spa Life Secrets2008
ilr$r rA$Y | *urnrc
luxuriousRelais& Chdteauxcollection
of distinctive properties, the spa
boasts a soothing outdoor waterfall
plus hot and cold Nordic baths on its
tranquilterrace.The diversespa menu
includesvolcanicstone massageand
special cyclist treatments such as a
feg and foot massage featuring a
stimulating Kamins cayenne pepper
tonic to promote circulation. After
soaking in the spa's effervescent
mineral-rich waters, I opted for a
heated-bedmaple syrup body wrap.
Later, as I emerged with muscles
feeling firm and newly toned, I was
almost ready to invest in a pair of
those spandexcyclingshorts.
into action.A candlelitmassageroom- LinenrFarkCyelingTrail:
a favorite retreat for skiers and
snowboarders during the winter
season-awaited.I opted for a one- Pimbina $pa and Massage:
hour aromaticSwedish massagethat
focused on "handle bat'' shoulders, 819-681
sore leg musclesand over-workedhip Manoir $ous le* Arbes:
Although l'm not Tour de France
joints. Later, I unwoundfurther in the www.manoi
material and had never cycled more
outdoor hot tub before retiringto my 800-361-6180
than 40 kilometers in a day, I was
drawn by the idea of experiencingthe
L'Hau a la Foucfro:
classic cycling trail. Beginning in
The next morning,I was refreshed
Mont-Laurierin the north and ending and ready for the next leg of my 888-828-2991
in Saint-J6r6me,20 minutesoutsideof journey.The trail was a slideshowof
Montreal,the trail passes through a peaceful lakes, public beaches, Auberge de la Gare:
scenic landscape of pine forests, dramatic river canyons, and restored
rushing rivers and picturesque railway stations converted into cafes 888-825-4273
villages. Most cyclists complete the and cyclist-friendlyrest stops. By late Luggage Transfer:
route in three days. Despite my afternoon,I arrivedat ManoirSous les Make your cyclingeven easierwith
inexperience,I figured regular spa Arbes, in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts.Transportdu Parc Lineaire
stopswould overcomeany discomfort. Situated on six hectares of peaceful www.transportdup
All I needed to do was pedal, and country meadows, this graceful 888-686-1323
plentyof pamperingwould be waiting. French manor home was the first spa
I wasn't disappointed.
facilityin the Laurentiansand remains
a landmark for those seeking
Relaxationcame easy at my first
tranquility and wellness. Owner
spa stop, Le Pimbina Spa and
Jeannine Landry's facility boasts 16
Massage,located in Mont-Tremblant.
treatmentroomsand an extensivespa
menu featuring temptationssuch as
affectionatelyknown as the Le P'tit
therapeuticleg wraps and pedicures.
Traindu Nord (afterthe snow train that
The full-service hair salon is
usedto carry Montrealersto the winter
guaranteedto get rid of even the worst
ski slopes)had been built on a former
case of helmethair.
railwaybed and was relativelyflat, the
addition of a headwind and some
From there, it was a short hop to
unexpectedhills left me hobbling by L Eau a la Bouche Hotel, Spa and
day's end. Fortunately,spa owner was a perfect reward at
Chantal Beaudrywas ready to spring journey's end. A member of the
The launchof L Eau a la Bouche,a
luxury spa facility in Sainte-Addle,
means that cyclists headed for
Quebec's Linear Park Trail can now
experiencespa treatmentsat strategic
stops along its 200-kilometerroute.
Spa Life Secrets2008
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