Spinal Decompression Phoenix Arizona



Spinal Decompression Phoenix Arizona
With our aging baby-boomer population and ever-increasing rates of obesity,
back and neck pain are becoming more prevalent problems affecting our daily
lives. The most common causes of back pain include musculoskeletal strain, disk
herniation, radiculopathy, degenerative disk disease, facet arthritis and spinal
stenosis. There are a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments available for
back and neck pain.
Dr. Abhishiek Sharma, a Neurosurgeon and Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgeon,
provides evaluation and treatment for back and neck pain and a variety of
procedures for spinal decompression.
Spinal decompression surgery has provided a much-needed reprieve for many
patients suffering from chronic neck and back pain. If you are wondering whether
it could work for you, you may request a consultation with Dr. Abhishiek Sharma
in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona.
Spinal Decompression surgery can be tailored to fit the immediate needs of the
patient; sometimes, the surgery may be accomplished by a small, 1-inch incision
and the patient might be discharged home the same day. The primary goal of
surgery is to decompress the neural elements and thereby eliminate the pain and
irritation emanating from nerve root or spinal cord compromise. In the short
term, It makes them feel better and greatly enhances their mobility. In the long
term, it may prevent further worsening and scarring of neural elements.
As a leader in minimally-invasive spine surgery in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona,
Dr. Abhishiek Sharma promises “to treat you with respect, empathy and care, so
[you] can build a relationship in your path towards healing.” Dr. Sharma works
with a wide range of patient population ranging from young adolescents to
octogenarians. He takes a unique neurological and functional approach to
working with his patients. If you're suffering from back or neck problems and
want answers and solutions, please visit http://www.abhisharmamd.com for
further information or to contact Dr. Sharma directly.
About Dr. Abhishiek Sharma:
With sub-specialization in spine surgery, Dr. Abhishiek
Sharma provides treatments for a wide array of
neurosurgical conditions. He is dedicated towards his
patients and his core principles include Trust, Care and
Healing. He graduated residency from Medical College of
Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a concentration
in spine and radiosurgery. He completed his Bachelor’s
in Science degree Summa Cum Laude from Wayne State
University in Detroit, Michigan.
If you would like to seek an in-person evaluation or second opinion from Dr.
Abhishiek Sharma, please call (602) 266 - 2272 or visit
www.AbhiSharmaMD.com to make an appointment today.
For more information about Spine Surgeon in Phoenix Arizona, visit our
website http://www.abhisharmamd.com
19636 N. 27th Ave. | Suite 207
Phoenix, AZ 85027
7649 E. Pinnacle Peak Road,
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Tel: 602-266-2272
Emil: [email protected]

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