Library Leaf April 2012


Library Leaf April 2012
by Miss Jenny Sawyer
April is School Library Month and National Poetry Month!
“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” -­‐ Mahatma Gandhi
Our Really Really Big Word
of the Month:
It means huge, enormous or immense.
Can you think of something that is
gargantuan? April Birthdays
Andersen was a Danish author, fairy tale
writer and poet. His works have been
translated into more than 150 languages
worldwide. His stories have inspired
plays, ballets and animated
movies. Famous stories by Andersen
include: Thumbelina, The Ugly
Duckling, The Princess and the Pea,
The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Little
Mermaid, The Nightingale, and many
more! Check out his classic story of The
Steadfast Tin Soldier in our library!
4/3/1934-present Jane Goodall is a
British primatologist (a person who
studies primates), ethologist (a person
who studies animal behavior) and
(a complex social science
that focuses on human culture and
behavior). She is most well-known for
her 45-year study of the wild
in Gambe Stream National
Park in Tanzania, Africa. She wrote a
book about her experiences in Gombe
called Through A Window: My Thirty
Years with the Chimpanzees of Gombe.
4/12/1916-present Beverly Cleary is an
American author. She was born in
Oregon. Her family lived on
a farm in a small town called Yamhill
where she stayed until she was old
enough to go to school. Cleary attended
college in California and Washington. She
worked as a librarian before she began
writing children’s books. Since then she
has written over 30 books for children
and young adults and has won numerous
awards for her work. She won the 1981
National Book Award for Ramona and
her Mother and the 1984 Newbery
for Dear Mr. Henshaw. We have
lots of books by Beverly Cleary in our
library including Beezus and Ramona,
Dear Mr. Henshaw, The Growing-Up
Feet, Hanry and Ribsy, Ralph S.
Mouse, Ramona and her Mother and
many, many more!
4/13/1938-present Lee Bennett Hopkins
April is School Library Month!
is an American anthologist (someone who
Let’s all give a big “Thank you!” to all
of our library workers!
compiles poetry) for young people. He was
born in Scranton, Pennsylvania to a poor
family. Determined to become a teacher, he
April is also National Poetry Month!
worked his way through college after
graduation from primary school and later
Try to write your very own poem.
Go to to learn more!
(Ask for your parent’s permission
before visiting any websites)
became a resource teacher in a middleclass school district. During this time, he
began using poetry as an aid in teaching
reading to students. In 1968, he became an
April 22nd is Earth Day!
editor at Scholastic, working as a writer
and anthologist full-time. The Lee Bennett
Most neighborhoods and communities
have a recycling program. Recycled
materials are used to make new
products without wasting much needed
Hopkins Award for Poetry was created in
4/26/1785-1851 John James Audubon
was a French-American ornithologist (a
person who studies birds), naturalist and
painter. He is most noted for his studies in
which he attempted to document all types
of American birds. He created a work
entitled The Birds of North America and
identified 25 new species of bird in the
course of his studies.
Remember to Reduce, Reuse &
4/27/1927-2006 Coretta Scott King
was an American author, activist and
It’s Spring and we have
flies in the library!
Civil Rights leader. She was married to
Martin Luther King Jr. and helped lead the
African-American Civil Rights Movement
of the 1960’s. The King’s had four children,
all of whom followed in their parents
footsteps as advocates for civil rights.
Coretta Scott King was also an advocate for
women’s rights and human rights. She died
in 2006. Over 14,000 people attended her
funeral. Just for laughs Q: What do fish save in their piggybanks? A: Sand dollars! In honor of Earth Day, Seymour Simon challenges you to make an Earth Day Promise. Visit his website to learn more ( Simon Says: “We’re going to celebrate Earth Day for the entire month of April here on the Seymour Science blog. Our team will be
writing lots of articles about our home planet - showing the beauty of nature, plants and animals, talking about how
we can help our environment, and what kids can do to make a difference.”
“When you comment on our stories, we want you to share Your Earth Day Promises. What will you do, not just on
Earth Day but every day, to help protect our environment? How have you changed your behavior because of what
you have learned about taking care of our planet Earth? What beauty do you see around you that inspires you to love
This type of bird is called a Magpie. What other kinds of birds can you think of?­‐day-­‐word-­‐search-­‐medium.html Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd! Go to for more information.