Rachel Fine
MCF Chief Ambassador
Listeners and viewers of the Howard Stern Show know
all about the wild and crazy antics that happen during
the show. But more entertaining insanity takes place
behind the scenes in the infamous hallways, offices and
green room at the Sirius/XM Satellite Radio studio as
well as during field shoots and Howard TV original
Starting on Tuesday, March 2, Howard TV On Demand
will present The Bonus Show, a new weekly comedy
news series that features hilarious and never beforeseen video clips from the revered Howard Stern universe. Hosted by long-time
Howard Stern Show personality Jon Hein and model/host Rachel Fine, the show
features exclusive original clips, footage and interviews with core radio show
personalities, the eccentric but lovable supporting staff, as well as celebrity guests.
Followers know all too well about the out of control characters, pranks and general
off-beat antics that go on behind the scenes. Now, they’ll have access to see the
priceless moments and mayhem that unfolds on a daily basis as captured exclusively by Howard TV cameras.
Just some examples of the wild entertainment to come: Head Writer Benjy Bronk on
a tickle rampage; Writer/Producer Sal The Stockbroker trying to lasso a cockroach;
Richard Christy strumming the guitar with his private parts and many other raw and
uncensored surprises. Recurring bits include Baba Booey’s Mail Bag where Producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate answers questions from fans and Techno
Beaver when Gary reviews different technology products dressed in a beaver
costume. We’re waiting on confirmation on any Artie Lange appearances on the
About John Hein: Jon Hein is a world-renowned pop culture expert who coined the
term “jump the shark” and created the website Jon has
appeared on numerous television and radio programs, been profiled in popular
magazines and newspapers, and has authored two best-selling books. Jon is
currently part of the Howard Stern Show and hosts The Wrap Up Show for SiriusXM
Satellite Radio; and can be seen as a talking head on a variety of major national
broadcast and cable news and entertainment programs.
About Rachel Fine: Along with being a TV Host, Rachel Fine is a singer/songwriter
from Brooklyn, New York. She has a background in acting; and trained in opera and
musical theatre. She performed in four national tours and has sung the national
anthem for major sporting events. She recently released her debut album, Own
Your Own, inspired
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