Spring 2013 - Jesses House



Spring 2013 - Jesses House
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and working with at-risk youth at the YMCA, I decided
to further my education and obtain a master’s in
professional counseling. I decided that I wanted to
work with the at-risk youth population and was hired
for a clinical internship at Jesse’s House. It was here
at Jesse’s House where my passion grew as I came
face-to-face with teens who were not just trying to
“get through” the teen years successfully but trying
to survive and overcome. I realized that my goal in life
was to serve at-risk females with a holistic approach
so that they could defeat their past traumas and
victimization. I’m proud to be the Executive Director of
an agency that provides for the physical, educational,
and emotional needs of these young ladies so that
they can reach their true potential. I’m excited for the
challenges and opportunities that this position brings.”
Amber Black, Executive Director
President’s Perspective
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2013 Spring/Summer Edition
PO Box 66, Cumming, GA 30028
office 678.947.6217 t fax 678.947.6106
Community News and Events from Jesse’s House, Inc.
Get Involved
Jesse’s House depends
on enthusiastic, dedicated
volunteers to assist in
providing services to our
residents. If you would like
to be a part of our volunteer
program, please contact
[email protected]
Our Mission:
To provide safe
and structured care
in a nurturing
environment to at-risk
girls ages 7 to 17 in
order to adequately
prepare them
for life.
Simply put, monetary
contributions make what we
do possible. Also, donations
of items such as clothing,
linens, toiletries, housekeeping supplies and first-aid
products are always greatly
appreciated. Visit our website
for more details.
Dr. Apollon Constantinides
A New Face at the Helm
Introducing Amber Black,
Executive Director
The Jesse’s House Board of Directors is proud to formally introduce
Amber Black as the Executive Director of Jesse’s House. Amber joined
our team in late December and has jumped right in to help lead the
Shelter in all areas of operations. She has commissioned a fantastic
staff, committed herself to the outstanding care of our residents,
reorganized the daily operations of the shelter, integrated herself into
the community, and the list goes on and on. We look forward to the
future of Jesse’s House with Amber serving in this role.
Please join us in welcoming Amber to the team….
It has been an unseasonably rainy spring season
in Georgia this year. With much rain comes many
blessings including a decrease in pollen, a full pond
level at Lake Lanier, increased growth of trees, and
the beautiful flowers that bloom throughout our area.
All as a precursor to summer and what it offers for
families to enjoy time together on vacations or a
break from the routine of the year.
Jesse’s House is similar to the seasons…residents
are reunited with their families, our staff nurture the
lives of those they work with, and our volunteers
devote themselves to the projects that improve our
organization as a whole.
“Since 2008, I’ve wanted to help Jesse’s House succeed as an
organization, in the lives of the youth and families served, and in the
community. I began my journey with Jesse’s House as the clinical
intern and have been drawn to it ever since. I am passionate about the
organization, its mission, and its potential.
Jesse’s House has much to be thankful for the
past few months with a wonderful new Director in
Amber Black, outstanding Shelter employees, and
a multitude of new/old donors and volunteers who
have the very best interest of our residents at heart.
For those things, we are grateful!
As a teen myself, I knew that I wanted to help people. As I grew into
young adulthood, I explored different helping roles through part-time
jobs and education. However, at the end of my senior year in college
I realized my passion was to help youth get through the teen years
successfully. After serving as the Director at a summer teen camp
On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank
everyone who has had a hand in “planting seeds” of
goodness for Jesse’s House. We are excited about
the future and know that whether it rains or shines,
Jesse’s House will be blessed beyond measure.
Thank You, Thank You,
Thank you to JM Family Enterprises and Data Scan Technologies
out of Deerfield Beach, FL for their generous $2000 donation
ear marked to support emergency shelter and long-term care
support of children. We are thankful for our donors local and
from across the state lines!!!!
Jesse’s House
Board of
Dr. Apollon A. Constantinides,
Dr. Valery Lang Hall,
Vice President
David Hicks, Treasurer
Stephanie Powell, Secretary
Alesia Ackerman, Director
Lisa Burke, Director
Jim Kelleher, Director
Brooke Walker, Director
Tom Pelky, Director
Nancy Perry, Director
Lindsay Rust, Director
General Contributions or Special Gifts
Run For
Jesse’s House will be
sponsoring a Run for
Shelter 5K Fun Run
in October 2013…
Stay tuned for details
regarding this exciting
event on our website and
Face Book page. We look
forward to having you
join us to fundraise for
Jesse’s House.
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Jesse’s Journal 2013 Spring/Summer Edition
Top: A special
thank you to
Data Scan for the
generous donation!
Bottom: Run for
Shelter 5K Fun
Run will be held
in October.
Spring/Summer 2013
Paper Towels
Dishwasher Detergent (gel or packs)
Laundry Detergent (liquid or packs)
Dental floss and dental floss picks)
Ziploc Bags (sandwich size, gallon size)
Round white vanity light bulbs
40w/120V(bathroom vanity)
Regular 60 watt light bulbs (for table lamps)
Swiffer Duster Handle
Swiffer Dusters
Swiffer Sweeper clothes (wet and dry)
Sponges with scrubber on back
Soft scrub bathroom cleaner
Magic Erasers
Gift Cards (Stars and Strikes, AMC Movies,
Old Navy, Ulta, Target, Walmart)
Trash Bags (kitchen size and large
black bags)
Teen Face Products (wash/cleanser,
astringent, moisturizer, blackhead
remover, etc.)
Please contact our House Manager, Shannon
Kern, for our current needs.
Jesse’s House and Piney
Grove Middle School….
Two groups, ONE purpose
It is unique to find a partnership that feels like an old hat, right
from the beginning. That’s what happened when Jesse’s House
and Piney Grove Middle School came together to work towards
a common goal…. raising funds for Jesse’s House in the
memory of a special lady who meant so much to both groups.
That special friend to both Jesse’s House and Piney Grove was
Jeanne Marie Cowdrey. Jeanne Marie served the JH Board of
Directors since 1996 and worked as an Administrative Assistant
at Piney Grove since the school’s opening in 2007. Jeanne
Marie passed away in August, 2012 from a fiercely fought battle
with cancer. Her passing left a great void in both organizations
so it was the perfect fit for us to come together to work towards
a common goal in her honor.
The students, staff, and parents of Piney Grove rallied and
pulled of an inaugural event that will be successful for years
to come. Over $5500 was raised in their Dine Out event this
spring. Many local restaurants participated and the Piney
Grove family provided resources and promotion through their
network. It was decided that all proceeds from this event would
go towards educational experiences for the residents of Jesse’s
House which could range from internship support, vocational
or college level course opportunities for residents, to field trips
of curriculum focus. This was an area near and dear to Jeanne
Marie’s heart.
Giving Spotlights
United Methodist Women have chosen Jesse’s House has their 2013 social action
project. We have received numerous large donations ranging from financial support
through gift cards and checks to stocking our freezer with meats! The United
Methodist Women have also generously donated a vacuum sealer to help us preserve
the freshness of our frozen foods. Through their generous giving, they have helped
us to become fully stocked on robes, blankets, and hygiene products for our girls! A
sincere thank you to all the United Methodist Women groups!
Elite Nail Spa had their first annual “Helping each other, one nail at a time” where
100% of the day’s proceeds were donated to Jesse’s House. Elite Nail Spa also
pampered our residents and staff free of charge! Thank you, Elite Nail Spa!
We would like to say a special thank you to Cici’s Pizza and Lee’s Golden Buddha.
With very short notice, Cici’s Pizza at 655 Atlanta Road generously allowed our girls
and staff to eat for free! Lee’s Golden Buddha at 170 Tri-County Plaza made one
of our resident’s birthday extra special by providing her favorite meal! Lee’s Golden
Buddha generously donated Sweet & Sour Chicken dinners for all our residents
and staff!
We have been very fortunate to be included in several churches Day of Giving. Johns
Creek Baptist Church bravely faced the cold to power wash and repair our fence in
early March. Several of the members have continued past the Day of Giving to make
our backyard beautiful by framing our patio with indigenous plants as well as adding
some fun neon pots to liven up our backyard area. Thank you to all of our new Johns
Creek Baptist Church friends!
Tina Nissen
Kathy Wert
Melanie McIntyre
Automation Direct
Olivia Davis
Elle B Gifts
Connie Knight
Chamblee First United
Methodist Church
Cynthia Synder
Ellis Group
Grandmother’s Club
Piney Grove Middle School
Ginny Black
Jeanne Polis
Lakeside Pharmacy
Betty Bowling
Cub Scouts-Kori Baker
Allgood Pest Solution
Lee’s Golden Buddha
St. Adan’s Community of Hope
Jenn Nahrstadt
Jill Freudenberg
Democratic Women of Forsyth County
Anne Connor
Stacy Dockter
Creations Bakery
Tiffany’s Salon
United Way
Susan Enete
Jill Ray
Living 1:27
Morning Star Church of Canton
Natural Charity League
UMC Johns Creek
Women’s Circle
The Cooler of Alpharetta
Friends in Faith Cumming
Baptist Church
Rachel Flicker
The Ice of Cumming
Brennon Leeper
Shirley O’Neal
Junior League
Working Women’s Network Dunwoody
United Methodist Women
Stephanie Powell
Pat and John Leeson
Subway of Milton
Gaye Stevens
Durham Friendship Class
Cub Scouts Pack 39
Holly Needham
Tyson Foods
Honda Finance
Johns Creek United Methodist
Church-High Noon Circle
Melissa Woodard
CiCi’s Pizza
Cynthia Schneider
Sarah Brady
Shirley Meyerholt
Paula Malmfeldt
Cheryl Moats
Emily Higley
Forsyth Dental Partners
Lenny’s Subs
John and Laurie Hall
Forsyth County YMCA
Lori McCandlish
Karen Deal
Lyn Wyatt
St. James United Methodist
Church Women’s Ministry
Jennifer Anderson
Michael and Julie Grabowski
Jeanine Noegel
Kristie Ledbetter
Sawnee Cumming Optimist Club
Cumming Aquatic Center
Amy Kersey
Bethelview United Methodist
Church Women
Johns Creek Baptist Church
Amy Di Iono
Janet Slaton
AFUMC Morning Glories
Alberta Connelly
Maureen Upchurch
Aurora 51
North Point Church
Angie Zobenica
Paula Malmfeldt put in numerous hours in January,
February, and March helping sort and organize items
throughout Jesse’s House. Through her efforts, we
were able to clean out several areas and have our
supplies easily accessible. She also spent hours with
our new House Manager, Shannon Kern, deep cleaning
the pantry. This included taking out all of the items,
wiping down the walls and shelves, dating the foods,
and restocking the pantry with a new organizational pattern. Paula has a 25 year
old son, a 22 year old daughter who is a Senior at BYU in Provo, UT, and a 16 year
old daughter who is a Junior at West Forsyth High School.
“After working at Forsyth County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for 5
years, Girl Scouts for 3 years and Jesse’s House, I chose to continue to support
these organizations as a volunteer.”
Michael Gordan
Kara Clemmons
Bobby Amos
Volunteer Spotlight
Chef Kern’s
Alpharetta 1st United Methodist
Agape UMW Circle
Let’s Roll Skating Rink
We look forward to this annual event and know that Jeanne
Marie Cowdrey’s giving spirit will live on through this event.
John Ray
Elite Nails and Spa
Penny Hardin
Micaela Brady
Brianne Daniels
Dana Weber
Royal Dance Academy
Atlanta’s Best Gutter Cleaners
Woodmont Group
Ro Woodhead
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