Travel Information for Vienna UZA2/Pharmaziezentrum Althanstraße


Travel Information for Vienna UZA2/Pharmaziezentrum Althanstraße
Travel Information for Vienna
Althanstraße 14
1090 Wien
The official address at Althanstraße 14 is actually misleading as the UZA2
building is huge, and the address leads to the wrong end. You will have to enter
the building at the entrance at Josef-Holaubek-Platz.
This is very important for everyone who arrives by cab directly from the
airport . You have to tell the driver to go to Josef-Holaubek-Platz/
From the airport Wien-Schwechat you can either take a cab or public transport.
We recommend booking a cab in advance (minimum 24 hours) via Cost is around 31 Euro,
and you will be picked up by the cab driver. The cab ride takes 20-30 minutes,
depending on traffic
Public transport: There’s a fast trai called CAT between the airport and Vienna
city center. The ride takes 16 minutes. You can find the schedule at
The train terminates at Wien-Mitte (also called Wien-Landstraße).
To find it at the airport, look out for green signs saying CAT.
Whenever you exit at the subway station Spittelau, take the stairs leading to
Josef-Holaubek-Platz or Verkehrsa t .
The Pharmaziezentrum can be reached by following lines of public transport
(exit Spittelau):
subway lines U4 (green line), U6 (brown line), tram line D (exit Lichtenwerder
Platz), bus lines 35A (exit Spittelau) and 37A (exit Spittelau).
You can find a photo guide how to get from subway exit Spittelau to the
Pharmaziezentrum here:
It’s o ly a aila le i ger a a d o the sig Wirts haftsu i ersität is o
ritte Josef-Holaubek-Platz , but may be useful for you.
Please also see the maps and pictures below for more information.
Main Entrance
If ou take the su a „U4 ou ha e to take this e it. Please ote that there is o
ritte o the sig i stead of Wirts haftsu i ersität .
If ou take the su a U6 please hoose this exit Verkehrsa t .
Both statio s are alled “pittelau .
This will be your view, when you leave the subway station U6.
Please go straight ahead.
You will see this building in front of you. There you have to cross the street.
Please take the stairs in front of you, go right and take the
other stairs. Then follow the way until you see this
This is the main entrance of the pharmacy center.
Main Entrance