North Pole Postman—Printable Order Form
This is the form where parents can write to Santa and let him know what
their child has “really” been up to this year! Print one copy for each child
receiving a letter from Santa. You can send it back to us by using any of
the three options below:
email: [email protected]
FAX: (877) 342 1784
Snail Mail:
North Pole Postman
11 Toner Boulevard, Suite 5-361
North Attleboro, MA 02760 USA
Please note: Our deadline for orders to the U.S./Canada is December 20*,
and for all other countries our deadline is December 15*.
*we cannot guarantee a North Pole Stamp Cancellation after Dec. 15 for U.S./Canada orders or after
Dec. 10 for all other countries.
Your Name:
Your Address:
Your City:
Zip/Postal code:
Your Country:
Your Phone Number:
Your Email:
Your relationship to the child receiving this letter (parent, grandparent,
legal guardian, other—please explain):
Child‟s Name:
Child‟s Address:
Child‟s City:
Zip/Postal code:
Child‟s Country:
Is this child a „boy,‟ or „girl‟?
Child‟s age after December 1, 2011:
Child‟s Grade in School (if applicable):
Is this child an „only child?‟ Yes or No
Will you be ordering additional letters for siblings, or other children in the
same household?
Yes or No
Does this child have a chimney on their home? Yes or No or Not Sure
Optional Information: While we respect your privacy (and your child‟s
privacy), answer only the questions which you are comfortable. However,
please keep in mind, the more information we have about your child, the
more personal, and authentic we can make his/her letter. All of the
questions below are optional.
Toy(s) on your child‟s “wish list”:
Name of Child‟s teacher (if applicable):
Name of Child‟s Pet(s) (if applicable):
Type of pet (dog, cat, hamster, etc.):
Please mention one or two things this child has excelled in during the past
year (learning how to walk, ride a bicycle, tie his/her shoe, winning a
trophy, etc.):
Please mention one thing the child needs to work on (doing their
homework, cleaning their room, eating their vegetables, etc.):
Optional: Are there any unique or unusual circumstances that you would
like us to be aware of (child is handicapped, disabled, autism, nontraditional family environment, financial hardships, etc.)?
Please enter payment information on the next page. If you are submitting
multiple order forms together (ordering for more than one child), you only
need to print one copy of the next page.
All prices are in U.S. Dollars, and include sales tax and shipping. Please write the
correct quantity next to the product purchase options below:
_______Yes! I would like to preorder an autographed copy of
„Post‟ Mark—Santa‟s Misfit Postman for $15.95, and receive a free letter from Santa, a $9.95
value. I understand by choosing this option that my free letter from Santa will arrive before
Christmas of 2011, but the book will not be shipped until November 2012.
If you would like a personal inscription on your autograph, please indicate your message here
(examples: “Merry Christmas Austin,” or “Santa loves you, Julie”):
_______No Thank you. I would like to just purchase the letter for $9.95.
For each item you purchase the North Pole Postman will donate $1 to the Vanessa Behan Crisis
Nursery (Spokane, WA), or the Liam B.W. Davis Special Needs Trust (Quincy, MA). Please circle
your preference. If you would like to donate an additional amount above the $1 donation,
please indicate the amount here (or enter N/A/): $________________
___________ Please enter your total here. All prices above include tax and shipping.
Authorization to Apply Charge to Credit or Debit Card
Card Type (circle one): Visa Master Card American Express Discover
Card Number:________________________ Expiration Date:____________
Verification Code (on back of card):_______
Name exactly as it appears on card:________________________________
Credit Card Billing Address:_______________________________________
Printed Name:_______________________________ Date:_____________
Authorized Signature:_________________________ Date:_____________
Please Note: If you are ordering more than one letter, and submitting multiple order forms
together, you only need to fill out your credit card information on one form. You may also
enclose a check for the correct total, if you prefer.