January 2, 2011 Dear Parents,


January 2, 2011 Dear Parents,
January 2, 2011
Dear Parents,
Thank you for allowing your child to join us for the March 2011 Confirmation Retreat!
We are praying for you and your child, and we are looking forward to the retreat. Plan to
arrive at Whispering Winds between 5 and 5:30 PM on Friday, March 4. To make
alternate arrangements, (only if absolutely necessary, please!) contact Jane Alfano,
Program Director, at (619) 672-2180. The retreat will end on Sunday, March 6, by 11:30
These documents include some important information for you and your child. Please
complete the Whispering Winds Waiver and General Release and the Medical
History and Release form. These forms will be collected upon arrival on Friday!
Also included is a list of what to bring to camp and directions. We strongly encourage
you to check the weekend’s forecast before coming out – make sure you pack appropriate
clothing for mountain weather!
Please note that we have a Camp Store for your child’s convenience. It is stocked with
toiletry items, shirts, sweatshirts, souvenirs and snacks. All food will be provided for the
weekend; snack purchases at the store are completely optional.
If you or your child have any questions, we would be happy to answer them; please call
our office at (619) 464-1479.
God Bless you!
Paula Bott
Director of Programs
(619) 985-3050