DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES April 6, 2009 Michele Brown


DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES April 6, 2009 Michele Brown
April 6, 2009
Michele Brown
23999 M-40 Hwy
Gobles, MI 49055
RE: Registration #
Tiny Tigers Childcare
23999 M-40 Hwy
Gobles, MI 49055
Dear Ms. Brown:
This letter is a follow-up to the Department’s findings regarding the 90 day inspection
conducted at your home on 03/26/2009. The purpose of this inspection was to
determine compliance with applicable licensing statutes and administrative rules for
Family and Group Child Care Homes.
A. Description of Facility
The facility is a single family home located in a rural area south of the town of Gobles.
The driveway is off a main state road, but it is about a ¼ mile long to the house. The
first floor level is approved for child care. The rooms approved are; one bedroom,
bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room and playroom. The basement is not
approved. There is a fireplace in the living room, but it is not used when children are
present. There is no other wood burning equipment. Ms. Brown owns four small dogs,
one large dog and two large birds that are kept in the home.
The outdoor play area is located to the side and front of the home and is not fenced.
There is an above ground pool in the back yard, which is 4 feet tall and the ladder has
been removed. Children in care will not be using the pool. There are no other water
Ms. Brown has previously been licensed as a group child care home provider in the
same location from 2002 to 2003, and from 2006 to 2008. She is trained in CPR and
First Aid. She will accept children of all ages for all shifts, every day, except for
Saturday afternoon and early evening.
P.O. BOX 30650 • LANSING, MICHIGAN 48909-8150 • (517) 335-6124
B. Rule/Statutory Violations
The violations that were found are:
R 400.1907
Children's records.
(1) At the time of initial attendance, the caregiver shall obtain
the following documents:
(b) A child in care statement/receipt using a form provided by
the department and signed by the parent certifying the following:
(i) Receipt of a written discipline policy.
(ii) Condition of the child's health.
(iii) Receipt of a copy of the family and group child care
home rules.
(iv) Agreement as to who will provide food for the child.
(v) Acknowledgement that the assistant caregiver is 14 to
17 years of age, if applicable.
(vi) Acknowledgement that firearms are on the premises,
if applicable.
Not all children had Child in Care Statements on file.
R 400.1915
Indoor space; play equipment and materials.
(5) All children shall be protected from materials that could be
swallowed and/or present a choking hazard. Toys or objects
with removable parts less than 1 ¼ inches in diameter and less
than 2 ¼ inches in length, as well as balls smaller than 1 3/4
inches in diameter are prohibited for children under 3 years of
There were drawers in the kitchen that had small items accessible to children that
could present a choking hazard.
R 400.1916
Bedding and sleeping equipment.
(7) Soft objects, bumper pads, stuffed toys, quilts or comforters,
pillows, and other objects that could smother an infant shall not
be placed with or under a resting or sleeping infant.
(a) Blankets, when used, shall be thin, lightweight, and tucked
in along the sides and foot of the mattress and shall not come
up higher than the infant's chest.
An infant under the age of 12 months was sleeping with a loose blanket under his
head in the crib.
R 400.1931
Food preparation and service.
(10) Bottles used for feeding shall be labeled with the child's
name and date, and refrigerated.
Baby bottles were not labeled and dated.
R 400.1931
Food Preparation and Service
(12) Children shall not have beverage containers while they are
in bed or while they are walking around or playing. The
propping of bottles shall be prohibited.
A child was allowed to carry a sippy cup around during the inspection.
R 400.1936
Animals and pets.
(5) Litter boxes, pet food and dishes, and pet toys shall be
inaccessible to children.
Dog food dishes were placed in the dining room in a area used by children.
R 400.1944
Smoke detectors; fire extinguishers.
(1) Operable smoke detectors approved by a nationally
recognized testing laboratory shall be installed and maintained
on each floor of the home, including the basement, and in all
sleeping areas and bedrooms used by children in care.
There was no smoke detector in one of the bedrooms used for sleeping.
Violations were identified at the time of the inspection.
acceptable written corrective action plan.
You have provided an
A follow-up inspection may be made to verify compliance. Should the corrections not
be made in the specified time, it may be necessary to reevaluate the status of your
certificate of registration.
The Department provides technical assistance to meet the licensing requirements and
consultation to improve services. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. In
the event that I am not available and you need to speak to someone immediately,
please feel free to contact the local office at (269) 337-5066.
Kathleen Bender, Licensing Consultant
Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing
322 E. Stockbridge Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
(269) 337-5170
Approved By:
Yolanda Sims
Area Manager

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