NOVEMBER 7 - 9, 2014
Ramada Lansing Conference Center, 7501 West Saginaw Highway, Lansing, MI 48917
Enjoy 3 days and 2 nights dancing, learning, partying, eating, and shopping at the 8th annual convention held in the
Great Lakes area. Spend a weekend socializing with other belly dancers. Explore diverse bellydance styles. Meet
your guest instructors and have fun with them in a social environment. Plan on having a great weekend!!!!!
Michigan - Sharifa, Yasmina Amal, Nai’mah, Aida Al-Adawi, Angie Moe PhD
Illinois - Donna Katjsa, Sonya, Eliza, Christiana, Magda, Nilaja
Indiana - Ruby Jazayre, Carenza, Jussenya Canada - Hiba Al-Kinani
Ohio - Zattana Al-Naseem Wisconsin - Jeannette Daft
FOR DAILY SCHEDULE OF EVENTS, VISIT OUR HOST WEB-SITE: www.thebellydancedivas.com click on Convention
Convention Registration
Workshop is 2 hours & includes technique + a choreography. Seminars are one hour technique based, some with choreographies.
Classes are for all levels unless specified. T designated as Tribal. V = available in Vending
FRIDAY EVENING - 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
______Workshop A - Yasmina Amal - Bawdy Balkan Burlesque - Celebrate old world charm & nostalgia w/organ pumps & brass. Wear a full skirt. V
OR 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.
______Sem. 1 - Sharifa - My Big Fat Greek Drum Solo - You’re the spotlight at the Greek nightclub. Full of sass & screaming shimmys in this choreo.
______Sem. 2 - Donna - Take A Turn - Spice up basic turns & spins with pivots, barrel, spiral and Gypsy changing directions for added variety.
______Sem. 3 - Jussenya - (T) Mad Masquerade - Performers often wear masks. Bring out your inner characters - happy, sad, worried, or evil…you decide.
AND 8:10 p.m. – 9:10 p.m.
______Sem. 4 - Ruby - Combo Palooza - Move to the groove with T&A (Technique and Attitude) and have your choreography sizzling!
______Sem. 5 - Hiba - Dance of the Silk Road - Veil technique, combinations, arm movements, foot patterns, spins, turns and more! Bring your veil. V
______Sem. 6 - Jeannette (T) - Queen of the Damned - Learn to move like the hypnotized undead to lure your audience in like a Vampire lures in its prey.
SATURDAY MORNING - 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.
______Sem. 7 - Ruby - Craft Brew - Explore “Tricks of the Trade” for the stage. Exercises designed to bring Star Confidence to your performance!
______Sem. 8 - Nilaja - Flirt! - Titillate your audience with cheeky and coy poses and combos designed to unleash your inner flirt!
______Sem. 9 - Magda - Fire Down Below! - Long, lanky, luscious, LEGS! One of the sexiest often overlooked parts of the body. Technique, poise & poses
______Sem. 10 - Christiana (T) - Drillin' Machine! - Tribal fusion drills for sharper locks, juicer shimmies and that ooey gooey look.
SATURDAY MORNING - 11:10 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.
______Sem. 11 - Sonya - Skill! Speed! Stamina! - The ultimate way to break thru Shimmy Roadblocks.
______Sem. 12 - Carenza - Performer 101 - Take your performance to the next level with tips on presentation, footwork, & poses that entice your audience.
______Sem. 13 - Zattana - Wing It! – Explore the power and grace w/dramatic poses, show-stopping spins, & elegant combos that work for veil/Isis wings. V
______Sem. 14 - Eliza (T) - Drum Solo à la Tribal - Isn’t just for cabaret dancers. The sassy star of the show reinvented with tribal fusion stylizations.
SATURDAY AFTERNOON - 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
______Sem. 15 - Yasmina Amal - Fusion Fantasy - How to fuse two+ dance styles reflecting the sound of a song & multiple influences to create YOUR fantasy
______Sem. 16 - Ruby - Sisterhood of the Traveling Steps -Your journey, onstage, takes a new direction with technique & transition to reshape your dance .
______Sem. 17 - Jeannette (T) - Alluring Siren - Liquid movement to stir up the sea. Trance-like arms, watery hips & undulations to release your inner Siren.
______Sem. 18 - Nilaja - Dance Your Face Off! - An emotional and expressive journey through dance with your greatest accessory...Your face!
SATURDAY AFTERNOON - 2:40 p.m. - 3:40 p.m.
______Sem. 19 - Donna - Hips Don’t Lie - So move them with 8’s, amis, hip circles & tricks like the ‘hip bone circle’, the ‘elevator, the ‘hip C’ & more.
______Sem. 20 - Hiba - Head Banging Ayoubi - Exciting technique, hair tosses & moves related to variations of the ayoub rhythm; zaar, khaleegy and Iraqi.
______Sem. 21 - Magda - Atomic cane! For Swingers only! - Take no prisoners when you add these fast and flirty atomic cane combos to your cabaret show V
______Sem. 22 - Christiana (T) - Tribalized! - Tribal fusion moves for the orientale dancer. Explore the similarities and differences between these two genres!
RELAXING CLASSES (Lecture Series or Pool Time) - 3:50 p.m. - 4:50 p.m.
______Sem. 23 - Carenza - Harem Pants for the Non-Sewing Belly Dancer - Don’t sew but would love to add to your dance wardrobe? This class is for you!
______Sem. 24 - Zattana - Magical Mehndi - Delve into the symbolism and function of henna/mehndi in social rituals and its impact on cultures.
______Sem. 25 - Angie - Harem Fetishes - The misunderstandings surrounding belly dance and how to combat them. What every dancer needs to know!
______Sem. 26 - Sonya - Aqua Belly (POOL TIME!!) - Relax and enjoy as you learn to use water as a tool to improve your technique.
SUNDAY MORNING - (I need to recover from Saturday night and take it slow!!) 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.
______Sem. 27 - Yasmina Amal - Rhythm Nation - Unused & often abused; the little known world of 6/8,7/8,10/8 & even 13/8! Identify lesser know rhythms
______Sem. 28 - Zattana - Freeze Frame - Slow down with exercises that focus on graceful transitions and filling out movement to polish your dance.
______Sem. 29 - Magda - Veil bondage! The Art of Wrap, learn the sensual art of conceal, peel, reveal that will leave them wanting even less & less & less. V
______Sem. 30 - Eliza (T) - Tribaluscious ~ Unlock the secret to those super slinky, ooey gooey tribal style slow trance like moves and seamless transitions.
Turn the page over! More on the BACK!!!
SUNDAY MORNING - 11:10 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.
______Sem. 31 - Ruby - Technique Wizard - (Beg/AB) Execute moves correctly. Bring technique questions & challenge the wizard! Great for new teachers!
______Sem. 32 - Donna - Kick Ass Drum Solo - Flashy, sassy, choreo w/zills that you can take to the bank! Add pizzazz and sparkle to any performance. V
______Sem. 33 - Hiba - 1001 Arabian Shimmies - Learn variations and layering technique for more than 10 different kinds of shimmies!
______Sem. 34 - Christiana (T) - Up In Arms - Drills and patterns for layering arms tribal-style.
SUNDAY AFTERNOON - 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m
______Sem. 35 - Sonya - Body Heat! - Simple moves, full of intention, create stunning dance w/the art of body line, direction & poses - for all styles of dance!
______Sem. 36 - Jeannette - (T) Dance of the Dead - Dismal tribal from grave to stage. Poison your performance with moves that let the virus infect your soul.
______Sem. 37 - Aida - Zills Gone Wild - For those that want to explore even more than the basics NEW cycle patterns and syncopation will be introduced. V
______Sem. 38 - Nilaja - Magic Carpet Ride - Choose your own adventure! Take the dreaded fear out of the word Improve and explore how to enjoy the ride.
SUNDAY AFTERNOON - 2:40 p.m. - 3:40 p.m.
______Sem. 39 - Carenza - Technique Tune-up - With posture breakdown, graceful arm and hands, foot placement and drills for a smooth performance.
______Sem. 40 - Aida - Trendy ¾ - What is it? When do you use it? Identify the ¾ music & moves i.e. pivot shift step, shimmies, flamenco steps and zills. V
______Sem. 41 - Nai’mah - Bolly Babe - Be that hot chick in a Bolly film with sexy moves and mujra combos. Short choreography straight from Bollywood.
______Sem. 42 - Eliza (T) - Anatomy of a Tribal Dancer - What’s behind those ooey gooey slow moves & sharp pops and locks, find out what moves what.
Register Early & Mail Payment to guarantee your class selections. Classes fill fast!
We don’t charge your Credit Card or cash your check until October
New GLBC Incentive program!!
We’ve created a fun opportunity to win major prizes!!! You do NOT need to have a troupe! Just get a group of girls together and have
them come with you!!
There are 3 incentive levels: Pearl - 6 - 9 registered
Sapphire - 10 - 15 registered
Diamond - 16 or more registered
A minimum of 6 attendees must register for the #1 Ultimate Party Package AND/OR #2 The Locals Package in order to qualify.
At each level no less than 5 prizes will be awarded including fun belly dance items, our NEW GLBC dollars (to be used when
registering in 2015), and the Grand Prize a FREE CONVENTION PACKAGE (based on 4 per room) for our 10th Annual Great Lakes
Bellydance Convention. Awards ceremony to be held after the Saturday show. As a bonus all troupe/group leaders will receive $5 for
each person registering in their group, even themselves, if they meet the minimum level.
ALL registration forms with payment info. must be collected by group/troupe leader and mailed in one envelope.
#1 - THE ‘ULTIMATE PARTY PACKAGE’ w/Hotel - 2 nts. hotel, all meals (2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 1 Dinner, Fri - Sun. Workshop
and/or seminars, Friday Show & Party, Saturday show w/afterglow party.
_____$295 – 4 per room ____$325 - 3 per room _____$345 - 2 per room ____$395 - 1 per room
I am sharing a room with:1.________________________________ 2.__________________________________ 3._______________________________
#2 - THE LOCALS PACKAGE w/out Hotel or Sat. Dinner - 2 Lunches, Fri - Sun. Workshop and/or seminars, Fri. Show & Party,
Saturday show w/afterglow - $250
#3 - SATURDAY ‘BASICS’ - 1 Lunch & Saturday seminars - $140
#4 - CLASS COMBO PACKAGE - Select a total of 5 hours of class seminars Fri. thru Sun. $140. Just add any extras to your total.
I’D LIKE THESE CLASSES. (Make sure they total 5 hours ONLY!!!)
1.______________________ 2.___________________________ 3.______________________________
4.__________________________ 5.____________________________
#5 - SATURDAY SHOW ONLY - Saturday show - $25
#6 - CREATE YOUR OWN - We’ll create something special just for you!! Contact us at [email protected]
______I am arriving alone, please find me a roommate!
Visa/MC/DISCOVER/AMEX #______________________________Exp.______CSV(3digit)________Zip ________
There is a 5% convenience fee for ALL credit card processing.
Make Checks Payable to: GLBC
Mail to: GLBC, 953 Amelith Rd., Freeland, MI 48623
Which Guest Instructor referred you?___________________________
Cancellation Policy - NO REFUNDS - You may transfer your registration by contacting GLBC at: [email protected]
I hereby release GLBC sponsors, GLBC staff, and the Ramada Lansing Hotel & Conference Center of any and all claims for damages, injuries, loss, etc. while participating in
the Great Lakes Belly dance Convention and/or in any activity connected with the event. Submitting this form is my authorization to process my credit card for registration.

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