2007—What a Year!


2007—What a Year!
January 2008
Volume 2, Issue 1
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2007—What a Year!
Our first year has
come and gone and what a
year it has been. We officially began in January of
2007 and I was thinking if
we received 500 blankets
during the year, we would
have done a great job. As
we end 2007 and begin
2008 we received 1115
blankets from over 160
generous and giving women.
Where can we go in
2008? Hopefully we will
keep up the pace because
there are even more children we can service. One
of the goals for 2008 will
be to donate 200 blankets
to Toys 4 Tots—that’s 100
more than in 2007.
We are still trying
to find someone in the
Medford/Ashland area to
restart a chapter there.
Until then, we continue to
deliver 3 dozen baby blankets to the Rogue Valley
Medical Center NICU every
month. I try to keep my
eye on the news and if
there is a special need in
that area, I will get a blanket to them. The Channel
12 news team has been a
great help in providing addresses and other information in their area.
I can’t begin to
thank everyone personally
for all they’ve done this
year. Besides the blankets
made and donated, we have
had numerous bags of fabric donated—some we could
use and some we had to
pass on to other organizations. Many of these donations were anonymous so I
have no way of sending a
proper thank you.
I wish all of you a
blessed, healthy and prosperous New Year. Thanks
for being a part of our
Trudy Novak
Chapter Coordinator
Georgie Reed
was responsible for
blanket #700 and she
also donated the most
Children Have
Received Blankets
Project Linus
Klamath Falls/Klamath
Basin OR
Special points of interest:
 Our largest number of blankets
delivered at one time was
102 to Toys 4 Tots.
 The most blankets delivered in 2007 was 252 to
KUDOS to Wal Mart
for donating
$1,000.00 to our
chapter. They also
heard us when we
said NO to closing
their fabric department.
blankets in 2007—81!
Blankets to Exodus House
I have made several call to Integral Youth
Services as a place to donate blankets, but was
never successful in speaking
with anyone. Then along
came the story in the Herald and News about Exodus
House and I had a perfect
Kathy Cloyd and I
met with them on December 17th and received a
tour of their facility. What
a wonderful service they
Great job Georgie and
thanks so much.
We delivered 25
blankets to them on Dec.
18th and will continue to
service their needs. They
also accept donations of
any kind that could be used
by older children and teens.
Inside this issue:
Why We Do What We Do 2
Make A Blanket Day
Blanket Guidelines
Getting to Know You
Why We Do What We Do
Please continue to keep
the Mikkelsen family in your
prayers while their husband and
father is deployed.
And to the other men and
women who are deployed defending
our freedom—we appreciate what
you do and you are not forgotten.
More Thank Yous
The best kind of sleep under
heaven above, is under a
blanket made with love.
We finally have Sky Lakes
Hospital on board as a recipient—
three different areas are now using our blankets as noted in the
thank you above.
Ambulatory Surgery Center
Day Surgery
Family Birthing Center
Page 2
A young lady at Klamath Union
High School was a recipient of a Toys
4 Tots blanket. Her comment was,
“this is the nicest Christmas present
I have ever received.”
It’s hard to believe a child of
that age considers a blanket as her
memorable Christmas gift.
A very special thank you to:
Tater Patch Quilts, Quilting Sisters,
Kate’s Quilted Rooster and the Chiloquilters for hosting sew days for us.
And I also need to include
Novak’s Auto Parts for being a dropoff point for completed blankets and
donated fabric.
All of you are an integral part
of what we do.
Make A Blanket Day—Saturday, February 23, 2008
Our 2nd annual Make A Blanket Day will be held at Klamath Community College from 9 am to 4 pm.
We will provide coffee, tea,
water, muffins, lunch and sweets for
You will need to bring your
machine and/or knitting/crocheting.
If you have a project you are working
on, please feel free to bring it. If
you need something to work on, kits
will be available. Batting will also be
available in you need to pin a quilt.
We will have several opportunities to win door prizes. You will be
voting on the challenge quilts—
winners to receive 1) Janome Sewing
Machine, 2) $100.00 gift certificate
from Kate’s Quilted Rooster, 3)
$100.00 gift certificate from Quilting Sisters and 4) $100.00 gift certificate from Tater Patch Quilts.
Make a Blanket Day is a national event usually held the 3rd
weekend in February, but that weekend conflicts with the Wings Festival
so we opted for a different weekend.
Hope to see many of you—there is
plenty of room for everyone.
2007 Make a Blanket Day
I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Project
Linus Sew Day yesterday. You gals have certainly set up the local Chapter very well
and your devotion to keeping it up and running keeps it fun and interesting.
Carol Blew "blewbird"
Blanket Guidelines
Blanket Sizes
Preemie: 18” x 18”
Baby: 30” x 30” - 36”
Child: 40” x 55” - 60”
Teen: 45” x 65” - 72”
These are approximate sizes—kids
AND blankets come in all sizes. We
donate to all ages - infants through
Blanketeers I Need Your Help!
♥ When you turn in a blanket please
make sure it has your name, telephone number and date turned in.
♥ Make blankets from NEW, CLEAN,
WASHABLE materials in infant, child
or teen friendly colors.
♥ Make blankets from cotton fabric,
flannel, polar fleece, cotton or
acrylic yarn. Rug yarn does not
make a snuggly blanket.
♥ Please do not make blankets out of
tapestry, burlap, felt, upholstery fabric, 70s type double knit, vinyl, wool
or wool yarn.
♥ Crochet, knit, quilt or tie your blankets.
♥ Check and double check your blan-
When blankets don’t meet the above guidelines, they are donated to another non-profit organization.
Holiday Blankets
♥ Piece your blankets with every holiday fabric you can think of - Easter,
Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween.
These blankets can be given out any
time of the year.
♥ Make holiday blankets, but don’t
donate them until about a month before the holiday. That will give us
time to get them delivered before
the holiday.
Klamath Falls/Klamath Basin Oregon Chapter News
Patriotic Blankets
We will continue to donate to Kingsley
Field whenever requested. All of the
blankets don’t have to be patriotic,
but we would like for a lot of them to
be patriotic.
Page 3
Getting to Know You
Karen was the winner in name the newsletter contest. “Trudy asked me to write something about my
business. Well, I am Karen Allen of Endless Stitch.
My business is hand guided longarm quilting. The
Just kidding! I received my longarm machine in January, 2001 after a lot of prayer and research I
had ordered it about three months prior. I loved quilting and everything about it (cutting, piecing, quilting,
teaching, etc.). At first I thought I would never get the hang of it. But slowly and surely I was able to
make it work. In the time that followed, I had my friends and family help me decide on a name. My daughter-in-law designed my logo.
And I now have (since September, 2004) a studio set up for the longarm machine business and all
my quilting projects. I still love quilting and my goal is to help everyone that’s quilts or wants to quilt love it
as much as I do. With the business I can still find the time for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren”
Karen can be reached at [email protected] or 892-6931.
Trudy Novak, Coordinator
2039 Del Moro St
Klamath Falls OR 97601
E-Mail Newsletters
If you received this newsletter in the mail and if you have
a working e-mail address that
you check fairly often, please
send your e-mail address to
[email protected]
If you don’t have email, please
find a friend who will copy the
newsletter for you. This is the
only one that will be mailed.
When life is easy and everything
seems to fall into place, we don’t
learn anything. It’s when a tragedy
strikes and all seems to be going
wrong that we learn the most valuable lessons life has to offer.
. . . . Kevin Sharp
Trudy Novak, Coordinator
2039 Del Moro St
Klamath Falls OR 97601
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