Stop RuSt DeaD extend Rust treatment



Stop RuSt DeaD extend Rust treatment
Extend® Rust Treatment
Kills old rust. Prevents new rust for years.
Stop Rust Dead
Brush or spray Extend® onto any wire-brushed or sanded surface.
Leave on some rust. Extend® goes on white. Turns black in 10
•Easy to use. No Sandblasting. Just wire-brush or sand to remove
heavy layers of rust, clean off any oil, dirt or grease. Brush or
spray Extend® Rust Treatment on surface (rust). It does the rest.
•Converts and primes in one operation. Three coats are
recommended for maximum durability.
•Replaces conventional primer for most industrial finish paints.
•Works on damp, rusty metal.
•Non-flammable and low toxicity.
After 6 Months
After 1 Year
After 18 months
Extend® Rust Treatment
No more scraping or sandblasting.
No more primers, acid penetrants or conversion washes.
Extend® Rust Treatment is used on
rusted steel to stop rust, coat surface, and
as a primer for various covering paints on:
• Pipes, valves, fittings in refineries,
tankers, power plants, domestic and
commercial heating/cooling plants
• Truck trailers, storage tanks
• Fences, guardrails, conveyors, supports
• Overhead cranes, booms, floor
gratings, ductwork
• Outdoor advertising sign supports/
frames, municipal and highway
signposts and frames
• Bulkheads, overheads, decks, hatch
covers, stacks on ships (topcoat with
appropriate marine paint)
• Agricultural equipment, harvesters, discs, tractors etc.
• Paper mills, chemical plants, steel mills,
utilities for maintenance of pipes, tanks,
support steel, valves
• Protect castings and stampings before
final machining Before
After Extend Rust Treatment and fresh paint
Performance Characteristics
Extend® Rust Treatment’s unique capability makes it ideal
for maintenance use in applications where sandblasting is
not practical or economical. Extend® gives a quality level
of conversion and protection, especially when followed by
conventional prime and/or finish coats. Most finish paints will not
require any additional primer. However, light color latex and metal
filled paints require a solvent base primer on top of Extend® Rust
Treatment coating before finish application.
Item #
NOTE: Not recommended where total
immersion in any liquid is required.
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